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Jim Starling

Voiced by: Jim Cummings
Real name: Jim Starling
Occupation: Television actor
Relationships: None known

Episode appearances:
S01 E11: “Beware the B.U.D.D.Y System!”
S02 E16: “The Duck Knight Returns!”


Jim Starling was the star of the hit 90’s television series “Darkwing Duck” which takes place in the DuckTales 2017 universe. Little is known about the show itself other than the fact Jim performed all the stunts himself and insisted the camera keep filming no matter what. It is never stated whether ‘Darkwing’ had an adopted daughter by the name of Gosalyn, and he definitely did not have a sidekick, due to Launchpad being a young fan of the show and not an actor.

In present day, Jim is a cynical, bitter actor who is no longer able to find work outside of small gigs at store openings. When he discovers a Darkwing Duck movie is being produced he jumps at the opportunity to play the titular hero again, only to discover he’s been replaced by a young eager fan named Drake Mallard.

Unhappy about this turn of events, Jim enlists Launchpad to help convince the director that he should be the star of the new film.

Spoilers beyond this point!

After sneaking back into the studio, Jim’s thirst for the spotlight outweighs the safety of others. He locks Drake Mallard in a closet in an attempt to steal the role, cementing his role as the antagonist. He steals Drake’s spot in the film but he accidentally destroys the movie set, endangering everyone until he is stopped by Drake Mallard (dressed as Darkwing Duck). Jim snaps and attempts to maim Drake with a chainsaw, but is stopped by Launchpad. He hesitates, only to be hit by stray electricity from a scene prop, causing an explosion. When the dust settles, Jim is nowhere to be found.

However it is revealed that Jim managed to escape into the sewers, where he has lost what remains of his sanity, transforming him into the villainous Negaduck.

“They want grim and gritty, huh? Happy to play the part!”

Jim Starling as Negaduck, “The Duck Knight Returns!”