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Drake Mallard

Voiced by: Chris Diamantopoulos
Real name: Drake Mallard
Occupation: Movie actor
Jim Starling (idol)
Launchpad McQuack (friend)

Episode appearances:
S02 E16: “The Duck Knight Returns!”


Drake Mallard grew up watching the hit television show “Darkwing Duck” and it inspired him to stand up against the bullies in his life. He is the President of the Darkwing Duck fan club and has shaped his entire life around Darkwing Duck and Jim Starling. He is hired to play the role of Darkwing in the new ‘grim and gritty’ movie.

Unfortunately, Jim is not too keen on this fresh-faced replacement and views Drake as a threat, going so far as to physically attack him, which gets Jim kicked off the set.

Drake later returns to his trailer to find Launchpad McQuack attempting to lock him inside so that Jim can replace him. The two engage in hand-to-hand combat but quickly become fast friends due to their shared love of the Darkwing Duck franchise. Together they decide that Drake should work alongside Jim to make the best Darkwing Duck movie possible.

Spoilers beyond this point!

Drake approaches Jim to offer his friendship and suggests a collaboration between the two. But Jim has other plans, and locks Drake in a closet so that he can replace him in the final movie scene.

“You helped me through a really rough time, your heart is in my lunchbox.”

Drake Mallard to Jim Starling, “The Duck Knight Returns!”

After Jim snaps and destroys the movie set, Drake reappears dressed as Darkwing Duck and confronts him. They engage in hand-to-hand combat. As Jim readies the final blow, he is stopped by Launchpad. Jim is struck by lightning from an overloading set prop and vanishes, leaving Drake and Launchpad behind.

With encouragement from Launchpad, Drake decides to don the mask of Darkwing Duck for real.

“Oh no. They beat me up much harder. But I kept getting up.”

Drake Mallard recounting his childhood, “The Duck Knight Returns!”