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Disney Afternoon

The Disney Afternoon comics were based on the syndicated cartoon block of the same name. Darkwing was the most prominent character of the comic series, though he shared space with Goof Troop, TaleSpin, and Rescue Rangers. There were approximately 12 issues published by Marvel Comics.

Below are a selection of scanned comics from various Disney Afternoon issues.

Issue 1, November 1994.

Darkwing Tower receives a Fearsome house-call!

Issue 3, January 1995

Megavolt has rendered all batteries in St. Canard useless, forcing Darkwing to abandon his gadgets and get creative.

Issue 4, February 1995.

DW learns he should listen to Launchpad on all things plane-related.

Issue 7, May 1995.

Gosalyn plays a practical joke on Darkwing.

Issue 8, June 1995.

Darkwing and Agent Grizzlikoff try to apprehend Bushroot at a food processing plant.

Issue 9, July 1995.

DW and Gosalyn spend some quality time together.