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Talking to the Pros

Have you ever wondered what Darkwing’s true origin story was? Why the animation varies in different episodes? Are you looking for behind-the-scenes tidbits?

Welcome to Talking to the Pros! Here, you will find a list of interviews with the professionals who brought us Darkwing Duck in cartoon and comic format!

EXCLUSIVE Interviews’s Q&A session with Tad Stones and Aaron Sparrow
Tad and Aaron Sparrow joined us in the livestream to answer the fan’s questions. Find out how to spell Morgana’s last name, whether Splatter Phoenix really died, Darkwing’s greatest fear, and much more!’s Behind The Scenes With Brill
We had the chance to talk with comic writer Ian Brill about his experience writing the Darkwing series. Includes BONUS CONTENT: A copy of the script for Issue #1!

Interviews with Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones

Flapping Terror’s Exclusive Interview with Tad Stones
Melissa gets a chance to talk with Tad about his favourite characters, the concept of a “Posiduck” and tons of other neat tidbits!

Interviews with the creators of BOOM! Studios Darkwing Duck comic

Silvani and Sparrow reflect on Darkwing Duck by CBS
Artist James Silvani and former editor Aaron Sparrow discuss how the comic came to be, and what’s in the future for Darkwing and co.

Interview with James at NYCC 2011 (Youtube video)
James discusses drawing the characters of Darkwing Duck, and a bit of information on the iconic “Dangerous” poster.

LBCC 2010 interview with Ian Brill, James, and Tad (Youtube video)
Ian and James share their experience working on the comic, with a funny anecdote from Tad.