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Rumor: Missing Episodes

One of the biggest rumors circulating in the Darkwing fandom involves the four “missing episodes”. Multiple sources on the Internet claim that four episodes of Darkwing Duck were written for the fourth season but never came to be due to the show’s cancellation.  The four missing episodes were as follows:

“Opposites Attack”Supposedly, the original Tronsplit Negaduck was supposed to team up with Negaverse Negaduck to cause chaos. Other versions of this rumor claimed that Negaverse Negaduck was forced to team up with Darkwing to stop the Galvanized Negaduck from destroying St. Canard. Another rumor states this episode was to reveal the origins of the Negaverse Negaduck (a.k.a., Negaduck II).
“Yours, Mayan, and Ours”Marks the return of the cyborg Taurus Bulba, who makes an appearance in Africa. A new hero was supposed to appear as well.
“Pranks for the Memories”Sees the return of Paddywhack, and possibly an explanation of his origins.
“The Perils of Parmizon the Plant Eater” and/or “Breakfast of Chumpions”.A Comet Guy episode, with another villain (assumably one who devours planets whole). Alternatively, there is another Comet Guy episode (possibly the same one) with a different title.

Tad Stones was kind enough to comment on the Old Haunt forum and share his side of the story.

Tad Stones:

“Hi guys. Glad you’re still enjoying DW in his various forms.

Wikipedia: I was on every episode of Darkwing Duck. I was taken off of RESCUE RANGERS for the last 15 episodes.

The “fourth season” episodes: Never happened. The last episodes of DW were for ABC which means I had to pitch premises to network execs instead of doing any story I wanted. I did pitch a Posiduck story. The others don’t seem familiar but then again, they were just premises – not much more than a premise for an episode. They never got to outline.

As to the idea that a fourth season would be used to tie up things and answer questions… have these people watched the show? If I was ever interested in tying things up would Darkwing have four origins? Or was it five? Darkwing was practically an anti-continuity show. That’s why Negaduck was brought back without Posiduck. He was a great character that I wanted to use repeatedly.”

Thank you Mr. Stones for taking the time to clear this up!