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Rumor: Cartoon Spin-off

After the cartoon was cancelled, rumors had appeared about Tad Stones pitching a spin-off to Disney, starring Gosalyn, but it was rejected. This was confirmed by Mr. Stones himself, who discussed the topic in a DAFT Yahoo group:

Tad Stones quoted:

Hate to contribute with negative stuff but it’s certainly on topic. I presented a one drawing pitch on a new DW show patterned after a “Batman Beyond” conceit, Gosalyn would be the new Darkwing with DW in a wheelchair. There wasn’t any interest but I’d thought it’d be interesting to share.

I know fanfics go out of their way to keep the feeling of a show but when we revisit characters we look for a fresh take, a reason for using those characters again. (If we didn’t use that philosophy there would be no Rescue Rangers or Talespin).

The idea was to be wilder, looser with the humor while still telling adventures. For instance, Launchpad wouldn’t be in the series although there would be sad references to “the day we lost Launchpad.” There would be a moment of silence and then someone might ask DW:

“Did you look in your pants cuff? Once my keys fell in and–”
“I’m a cartoon duck. I don’t wear pants!”

So you get the weird humor of treating LP as if he was a lost penny and a touch of self referential animation humor. Darkwing would be in a wheelchair at all times with a big bandaged foot as if he had gout.

His specific malady would never be mentioned. The idea was also to experiment with character designs to make them more graphic (since animation budgets are shrinking).

If I can figure out how to upload files, I send the drawing.



Special credit goes to Kim McFarland for supplying this information, and the picture!