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Tron-split Negaduck

Voiced by: Jim Cummings

Alias: Negaduck

Real name: Drake Mallard

Nicknames: Negaduck I, Original Negaduck, Nega-Darkwing, Tron-split Negaduck

Occupation: Evil half


    Darkwing Duck (other half)


vlcsnap-2015-05-23-19h47m47s266Tron-split Negaduck (not his official name) is the first incarnation of Negaduck, appearing in the episode “Negaduck”. He is created when Megavolt accidentally fires his tronsplitter at Darkwing, separating him into two beings: one version made entirely of “Positrons” (the element of good) and the other made entirely of “Negatrons” (the element of evil). They are completely identical, except Nega-DW is given bushier eyebrows to differentiate the two.

Both versions have all of the knowledge and memories of Darkwing, but react differently in various situations. Nega-DW is far more aggressive and abusive toward Gosalyn, and insults the Muddlefoots when they drop by to watch television. Upon realizing he is a tronsplit version, Nega-Darkwing decides he never wants to be rejoined with his “twin” and seeks out the tronsplitter to destroy it. Megavolt accidentally shoots him with it again and “galvanizes” him, which mega-charges his negatron energy and grants him immense superpowers. This version becomes “Negaduck”, a being of pure chaotic evil. He is able to use his negative energy to create explosions and destroy everything in sight. Tron-split Negaduck has no motivation other than to cause “mindless wanton destruction”.vlcsnap-2015-05-23-19h52m22s020

Eventually, the two halves are re-merged, and Darkwing is returned to normal. This version of Negaduck is never seen again in the series, and is instead replaced with the Negaverse Negaduck.

 Episode Appearances:

  1. Negaduck