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Taurus Bulba

Voiced by: Tim Curry

Alias: Taurus Bulba

Real name: Taurus Bulba

Nicknames: Bulba

Occupation: High-ranking criminal


  • Darkwing Duck (enemy)
  • Tantalus (pet vulture)
  • Clovis (henchwoman)
  • Hammerhead Hannigan (henchman)
  • Hoof and Mouth (henchmen)


vlcsnap-2015-05-06-00h26m34s632Taurus is the big bad guy that started it all. Darkwing was just a minor vigilante catching the regular low-class crook here-and-there when he bumbled into Taurus Bulba’s plot to use the Waddelyer Ramrod — invented by Professor Waddlemeyer (Gosalyn’s grandfather) for his evil misdeeds. Having successfully stolen the Ramrod he required the activation code to use it, and sent his three henchmen to retrieve it… instead, they murdered Professor Waddlemeyer, leaving Gosalyn in the care of the orphanage.

Taurus at this time had been arrested and was living in prison, which he brilliantly crafted as his criminal headquarters, much to the sheer ignorance of Warden Waddlesworth. He again sent his henchmen out to find Gosalyn who was the only known link to Professor Waddlemeyer and was believed to have knowledge of the activation code. It was his attempted kidnapping of Gosalyn that brought Darkwing and her together, kick-starting their adventures.

vlcsnap-2015-05-06-00h29m51s863Taurus was believed to have been killed at the end of the episode when the Ramrod overloaded itself and exploded. However it was revealed in “The Steerminator” that F.O.W.L had collected the remains of his body and rebuilt him into a cyborg. When Taurus awoke he was enraged at what they turned him into and refused to work for anyone but himself. He destroyed the facility and then fled to seek out Darkwing. He had knowledge of Darkwing’s hide-out and was able to successfully capture Gosalyn and Honker, but his cybernetic body failed him when he overheated and shut down.

Unfortunately he survived once more and fled, vowing to seek his revenge. Taurus poses the greatest threat to Darkwing because he not only knows the location of Darkwing Tower but of his connection to Gosalyn, and will continue to target her at any cost.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Darkly Dawns The Duck
  2. The Steerminator