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  • J. Gander Hooter (Director of St. Canard branch)
  • Vladmir Gryzlikoff (Chief agent)
  • Dr. Sara Bellum (Head of Research)
  • Derek Blunt

Occupation: Super secret spy agency


SHUSH (the acronym is never specified) is a spy agency that is constantly combating the terrorist attacks led by F.O.W.L.

SHUSH agents are known for their meticulous by-the-book methods and are careful to abide by the law. When their brand of justice is proven ineffective, Director Hooter will call in Darkwing Duck, whose vigilante style and “off the payroll” status proves beneficial.

Poor DW has, more often than not, been utilized as a cheap delivery service. He will protect SHUSH packages with his life, only to find out the contents contained a stapler or a cassette of Greatest Polka Hits.

Aside from J. Gander Hooter, other promiment members of SHUSH are:

Vladmir Gryzlikoff


Chief Agent Gryzlikoff is the very definition of “by the book” and his strict no-nonsense moral code automatically sets him against Darkwing. The two get along like oil and water. Grizz speaks in a thick Russian accent and shows immeasurable strength, having beaten down Darkwing on numerous occasions. Despite their differences, the two have proven to be an extremely effective duo when the need arises.

Dr. Sara Bellum


Dr. Bellum is a few dissections away from being a mad scientist. Her eccentric ideas are responsible for many of the inventions that eventually lead to trouble for Darkwing and co. She has created the Norma Ray, which causes the guinea pig–er, volunteer to develop amazing psychic abilities. In “Disguise the Limit” she invented a ray that allowed Darkwing to transform into anyone he looked at. She is also responsible for the development of the SHUSH time machine.

Dr. Bellum’s cheerful personality clashes with her rather dark sense of humour. Her inventions usually cause great bodily harm to whoever is foolish enough to test them (i.e., Darkwing).

Episode Appearances:

  1.  Dirty Money
  2. Water Way To Go
  3. Paraducks
  4. Trading Faces
  5. Just Us Justice Ducks (Part 1)
  6. Bearskin Thug
  7. Heavy Mental
  8. In Like Blunt
  9. The Darkwing Squad
  10. Dirtysomething
  11. Disguise the Limit
  12. Tiff of the Titans
  13. Bad Tidings
  14. The Merchant of Menace
  15. The Steerminator