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Morgana Macawber

Voiced by: Kath Soucie

Alias: Morgana

Real name: Morgana Macawber

Nicknames: Morg

Occupation: Reformed criminal and sorceress


Darkwing Duck (boyfriend)

Moloculo Macawber (father)

Eek, Squeak, and Archie (familiars)


vlcsnap-2011-09-30-21h02m55s254Morgana Macawber makes her debut in the episode “Fungus Amongus”. She began as an evil businesswoman stealing pizza toppings for her company Macawber Mushrooms. When Darkwing is investigating the crime, it’s love-at-first-sight. The two struggle to cope with their feelings, with Darkwing unable to put aside the fact she’s a villain. Eventually however, Morgana gives up her life of crime and the two begin a long-term relationship. She is one of the few characters who knows Darkwing’s secret identity.

Morgana is a witch from the Macawber family; a group of freaks and monsters residing in Transylvania in a large eerie castle. They refer to non-magical beings as “Normals” and it is frowned upon that Morgana is dating one (although Darkwing can hardly be defined as “normal”). Her over-protective father Moloculo is not pleased with Darkwing’s existence and has tried to scare him away on several occasions. Morgana is a very kind-hearted individual … unless you get on her bad side. Despite her occasional temper tantrums she is more mature than the rest of her family and considers herself a Pacifist… sort of.

She is a natural entrepreneur and has started quite a few businesses. Among them is a restaurant called ‘The Shadow Chateau’ which is inadvertently sabotaged by Negaduck. Despite her food being strange and foreign — with names like “Adam’s Apple Pie” and “Cobra Cutlets”– most people enjoy the taste… everyone except Darkwing, that is.

A few facts about Morg:

  • It was revealed in the original Darkwing Duck show bible that Morgana’s last name is spelled “Macawber”.
  • In the episode “Ghoul of My Dreams” it’s revealed that Morgana is stealing money to pay off her student loans.
  • She is fascinated by spores and slime molds (“Fungus Amongus”)
  • She is an academic of the Eldritch Academy of Enchantment. She received recognition for her award-winning paper, ‘Warts and Boils: Medieval Hexes Redefined for a New Age’ (“Hot Spells”)
  • She was stood-up at her high school prom (“Monsters R Us”)
  • Morgana’s reformation is never shown in the cartoon. We never find out how and when she gave up crime.

 Episode Appearances:vlcsnap-2011-10-31-21h14m14s74

  1. Fungus Amongus (as a villain)
  2. Ghoul of my Dreams (as a villain)
  3. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  4. My Valentine Ghoul
  5. Dead Duck
  6. Monsters R Us
  7. Malice’s Restaurant
  8. Hot Spells