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Voiced by: Hamilton Camp
Alias: Gizmoduck
Real name: Fenton Crackshell
Nicknames: Giz
Occupation: Duckburg’s superhero, Scrooge’s security guard
Launchpad McQuack (long-time friend)
Darkwing Duck (ally/rival)


The mild-mannered bean counter Fenton Crackshell was in for a surprise when one day he accidentally bumbled into Gyro Gearloose’s newest invention –a super-powered Gizmosuit activated by the words ‘blathering blatherskite!’ Soon ‘Gizmoduck’ the great defender of Duckburg was known everywhere and heralded by everyone as a great hero.

Well… almost everyone. His masked metropolis neighbour isn’t terribly pleased with Gizmoduck stealing his thunder. The two developed a very strong rivalry from day one but are usually forced to work together for the better good. Of course it takes them awhile to figure the whole ‘teamwork’ thing out… usually long after the featured villain has torn up half the city. But… such is life!

Gizmoduck is an official member of the ‘Justice Ducks’, a superhero team he helped organize during the debut of the Fearsome Five. Giz generally sticks to his territory in Duckburg looking after Scrooge McDuck’s money bin but occasionally he gets called into St. Canard to assist Darkwing. You can imagine how thrilled DW is about that, huh?

Facts about Gizmoduck:

  1. Fenton Crackshell has met Drake Mallard, but neither knows of the other’s heroic identity (“Tiff of the Titans”)
  2. Despite not knowing Fenton’s identity, Drake takes an immediate dislike toward Fenton just as he does Gizmoduck (“Tiff of the Titans”)
  3. Gizmoduck’s voice actor, Hamilton Camp, passed away in 2005

Episode Appearances:

  1. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  2. Tiff of the Titans
  3. Up, Up, and Awry
  4. Darkwing Doubloon