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Derek Blunt

Alias: Agent Blunt

Real name: Derek Blunt

Nicknames: Blunty

Occupation: Top Secret Spy, retired movie star


Darkwing Duck (ally)


vlcsnap-2011-09-30-20h21m53s202Derek Blunt is like the James Bond of the Disney universe. He was once a top secret agent who had “23 novels, 16 major motion pictures, and a whole toy line” based on his top-secret exploits. He is recognized as the only agent cunning enough to capture the master criminal Phineas Sharp. Darkwing was one of his biggest fans and idolized the agent until the two were partnered up on a SHUSH mission, and Blunt completely dismissed Darkwing as “amateur” for relying on high-tech gadgetry.

Blunt is a very old-fashioned agent who believes in relying on one’s intelligence and manipulating objects in the environment around oneself, as opposed to relying on “cheap gimmicks”. He and Darkwing eventually settle their differences and combine their expertise to thwart Phineas Sharp, gaining mutual respect for one another.

Blunt is one of the few individuals who knows the location of Darkwing Tower.

Episode Appearances:

  1. In Like Blunt