A brief review of Issues 13 – 16: Campaign Carnage

Written by: Angeline S.

After a rather grim and muddled conclusion to F.O.W.L Intentions, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the next arc. Launchpad and Darkwing running against each other for mayor? A handful of new baddies? Where exactly is the story taking us?

When all was said and done however, Issues 13 through 16, “Campaign Carnage”, were a significant improvement. The pacing in particular was spectacular and it was something the F.O.W.L story severely lacked. The plot devices of this arc were unfolded slowly, with plenty of time for action-packed battles and humorous shenanigans. The story was not jammed with unnecessary characters or overwhelmed by philosophical exposition. A few of the gags fell flat and there were some inconsistencies in the storyline, but these were balanced out by James Silvani’s captivating imagery.

Although Issues 13-16 are all connected to the same plot, each comic contained an individual story featuring a different villain. And for the first time since Tad Stones’ Chronoduck, we finally get a chance to add a few more sinister supervillains to Darkwing’s ever-expanding rogue gallery.

Without spoiling any of the good stuff, I’ll briefly run through my thoughts on each issue:

Issue 13 “Done in One” continues off where the FOWL arc left us, with Darkwing searching for his missing girlfriend Morgana. Meanwhile, a former baseball star gone nutso has taken on the villainous identity of One-Shot. If you can’t figure it out from his name, his unique ability is that he can only throw the same item once– a gag which certainly must have kept artist James Silvani quite busy. Just for fun, I challenge everyone to go through the comic and count how many different items the obsessive-compulsive simian uses as a deadly projectile.

The events of this issue are the precursor to the election, which is not introduced until the very end. Darkwing’s reasoning for running as mayor was rather dodgy, but this wouldn’t be the first time the Terror that Flaps has gone overboard with a ridiculous idea.

Issue 14 “Cat-Tastrophe” jumps straight into the election, with Darkwing attempting to convince the citizens of St. Canard that he’s a surefire choice for running the city. Meanwhile, yet another villain is on the rampage: Cat-Tankerous. Former editor Aaron Sparrow coined the clever title for this deadly pussycat, while artist James Silvani fleshed out the background details and story. Without spoiling it, I’ll say that the flashback to his ‘how I became a villain’ story left me grinning. Very adorable and unexpected!

At the same time we are introduced to Constance A. Dention, a female candidate running against Darkwing for mayor. A female villain who resembles Spiderman’s Mysterio also makes a brief appearance. Slowly, the plot begins to tie itself together, revealing that a larger force is behind the villainous rampages.

Issue 15 “The Ballot of Darkwing Duck & Launchpad” brings us to the height of the election, with Launchpad now entering as a third candidate. More and more new supervillains are showing up; Darkwing has his hands tied with protecting the city and keeping up with his campaign.You’ll find a lot of eye-candy in this issue: Spreads containing old and new villains alike, as well as some amusing cameos.  We are also introduced to the previously unnamed female villainness, Suff-rage and The League of Barely-Remembered Supervillains (my favorite part, and also coined by James Silvani).

Issue 16 brings the election to a close with some surprising reveals. We find out who becomes the new mayor as well as the identity behind the strangely-familiar Suff-rage. The conclusion also kick-starts the beginning of next month’s DuckTales and Darkwing Duck crossover, featuring a familiar face from the Mickey Mouse comic books.

Campaign Carnage was definitely a nice break from the epic world-threatening chaos dealt out in both the Crisis and F.O.W.L stories.  It was a fun read, and even more fun to look at — James Silvani made sure to include plenty of his Disney Easter eggs. Next month we prepare a farewell as the BOOM! Darkwing series comes to an end with a double-dose of the ducks, starting with Darkwing Duck #17 and Duck Tales #5 and then finally Darkwing Duck #18 and DuckTales #6 in November.

Overall score for Campaign Carnage:

7.5 / 10

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