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The Negaverse

Known Inhabitants:

  • “Lord” Negaduck (supreme ruler and dictator)
  • Nega-Gosalyn
  • Nega-Tank
  • Nega-Muddlefoots
  • The Friendly Four


vlcsnap-2015-05-05-01h29m30s840The Negaverse debuted in the episode “Life, The Negaverse, and Everything” where it is an alternate dimension that Negaduck possibility originates from. The Fearsome Four are determined to find out Negaduck’s secret hide-out and follow him to The Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Bakery where they discover a dimensional portal inside a giant birthday cake. Darkwing follows the Four and is accidentally tossed into the portal, sending him straight to the Negaverse.

The Negaverse is completely identical to St. Canard in all ways, except for one teeny tiny exception… Negaduck is their almighty dictator. In the Negaverse, all Negaversians refer to him as “Lord Negaduck” and obey his every command. It is never explained how or why Negaduck became the ruler of an entire dimension that he refers to as his “personal playground”, but the ill effects are obvious: St. Canard is a wasteland of pollution and crime, where the skies burn red with smog. Darkwing Duck is a mere legend told to young children to bring hope into their otherwise miserable lives.

The other inhabitants of the Negaverse are genetically identical to their Normalverse counterparts but have different personalities. It would be incorrect to assume that the Negaverse is a dimension where everyone is evil or the complete opposite, because there are many instances where morality and personality are not reversed (e.g., Gosalyn and NegaGosalyn are both good, Negaduck and Darkwing are both egotistical and overdramatic).

vlcsnap-2015-05-05-23h01m36s299It’s far more likely that the Negaverse is a neighbouring parellel dimension where certain personality traits might be flipped or altogether different.

Negaduck resides at 537 Avian Way, just like Drake Mallard. He is recognized as “Negaduck” by everyone, including the Muddlefoots, suggesting he has no Drake Mallard persona and wears his costume at all times. The spinning chairs also exist (Darkwing enters the house through them) which implies that Negaduck also has a connected secret hideout, possibly at Darkwing Tower. However, Darkwing Tower is not shown in the episode, and the Audobon Bay Bridge appears to be in severe disrepair.

The portal to the Negaverse is destroyed when Darkwing pulls the universal plug. It creates a swirling vortex that sucks Negaduck and the door into Oblivion. It is unknown how Negaduck returns to Darkwing’s universe and whether he is still capable of traveling between dimensions.


This sugary-sweet version of the spirited tomboy is Negaduck’s adopted ward, although their father-daughter relationship (if it even exists) is not made clear. Their interaction in the episode is nearly non-existent, and Negaduck has no qualms with confining her to a prison alongside his other enemies. When she first encounters Darkwing she mistakes him for Negaduck and cheerfully exclaims “Yay, you’re home! I dirtied the kitchen just like you wanted!” followed by a polite curtsy. This suggests she is treated as a maid who is expected to obey Negaduck’s orders and keep him appeased. She also has no issue with joyfully exclaiming, “You don’t look like our usual Mr. Grumpy-puss!”

When NegaGos realizes it’s Darkwing, she is overjoyed he has shown up to save them all from Negaduck, implying there is no bond between her and her adopted father.

She is also best friends with NegaTank and has a connection to the Friendly Four. Later, after Negaduck has been defeated, she is adopted by the Friendly Four and joyfully states she has Four Darkwings to look after her now.


Just like in Darkwing’s universe this LP also resides at Avian Way with Negaduck and NegaGos. Much like Negs, he is prone to psychotic violent tendencies and patrols the neighbourhood to ensure everyone remains miserable and oppressed. He steals toys from children, destroys gardens, and follows Negaduck’s orders blindly. It is possible that he is responsible for building and maintaining Negaduck’s vehicles seen in other episodes, although this fact cannot be confirmed. Unlike regular Launchpad, this version does not assist Negaduck in his crimes or work as a trusty sidekick. Rather he is a minion who terrorizes the locals and keeps everyone in check.


Unlike his neanderthal counterpart, this version of Tank is both polite and intelligent. He is a friend of NegaGos and assists Darkwing by explaining the concept of the Negaverse to him.

NegaHerb and NegaBinkie Muddlefoot

They may be clad in leather and packing heat, but the Muddlefoots are just as annoying as ever. They follow Negaduck’s orders without question and are treated as henchmen.


This pint-sized terror nearly grilled Darkwing to death and is seemingly the favored child of his parents. He obeys Negaduck faithfully.

The Friendly Four/Darkwing’s Ducks

The Friendly Four are the counterparts to the Fearsome Five (sans Negaduck). Their personalities seem identical except they’re inherently good. They are a rebel group attempting to bring down Negaduck but have failed miserably up until they encounter Darkwing. With some assistance from the masked vigilante, the Four don the mask and cape as “Darkwing’s Ducks”. They manage to overthrow Negaduck and restore the city to its former glory.

At the end of the episode they take NegaGosalyn under their wing as her adopted fathers.