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The Muddlefoots

Muddlefoot family:

  • Herb Muddlefoot (Quackerware salesman)
  • Binkie Muddlefoot (hapless housewife)
  • Honker Muddlefoot (kid genius)
  • Tank Muddlefoot (resident bully)


The Muddlefoots are Darkwing/Drake’s next-door neighbours and the bane of his existence. They’re the average American family, with absolutely zero knowledge that they share a fence with Darkwing Duck (with the exception of Honker).

Herb, Binkie, and Tank are exceptionally simple-minded, paying little attention to the going-ons outside their happy suburban home.

In the Negaverse, the Muddlefoots are leather-clad evil minions of Negaduck. Tank is the nice brainy kid, while Honker is a vicious chain-swinging street fighter.

Herb Muddlefoot


Herb Muddlefoot’s three favourite pass-times are cooking on the BBQ, watching Pelican Island reruns, and paying uninvited visits to his favourite neighbour. His outgoing personality and inability to understand boundaries makes him a thorn in Drake Mallard’s side. Herb remains completely oblivious to Drake’s obvious disdain toward him and considers “Drakeroonie” to be one of his best pals.

In “The Merchant of Menace” Herb encountered Darkwing and was completely unable to see the resemblance between the masked mallard and his alter ego Drake Mallard. When Drake dresses up as Darkwing for a costume ball in “Slaves of Fashion” Herb remarks to Drake that Darkwing is “much taller” in person.

Binkie Muddlefoot


Cheerful Binkie Muddlefoot is a stereotypical peppy housewife who enjoys cooking, cleaning, and protecting the innocent minds of young impressionable children everywhere.

She views the Mallard family as a bit of pet project, and is more than thrilled to attempt “smoothing the edges” on Gosalyn in the hopes of making her a proper lady.

In the episode “Inside Binkie’s Brain” a hit to the head from a bowling ball unleashed her little hero, causing her to take up the superhero alias The Canardian Guardian, champion of safety. Her crusade against safety hazards was short-lived however, as she was eventually electrocuted, shaking her brain back to normal.

Tankard H. Muddlefoot


Tank is a brash, brainless brute who takes a special interest in bullying his younger brother Honker. He is rude, lacks decent social skills, and isn’t very bright. The only person to stand up and give him a taste of his own medicine is Gosalyn.