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The Macawber Family



Morgana’s large and unique monster family is introduced in the episode “Monsters R Us”. They reside in Transylvania in a dark, ominous keep known as “Macawber Castle” where Morgana was born and raised.

The Macawbers identify themselves as monsters and refer to non-magical beings as “Normals”. The relationship between monsters and Normals in Transylvania is tense and prone to violence to the point where Moloculo painted a line across the ground to keep Normals off their property.

When Darkwing unexpectedly walks through a portal at Morgana’s mansion, he ends up in Macawber Castle where the family is horrified to discover she is dating a Normal.

The spelling of the family name is debatable. In merchandising it was spelled “Mccawber”. Tad Stones indicated in the interview that he assumed it was “Macawber”. Other variations have been used including “Macabre”, “Mcawber” and “Micawber”.

Moloculo Macawber

Morgana’s father and the Patriarch of the family. Moloculo is prejudiced against Normals and Darkwing in particular. He is an alumni of Eldritch Academy and, much like Morgana, tends to make a lot of mistakes with his spells (for example, attempting to summon demons only to get demon umbrellas).

Although Moloculo is a rather serious and ancient-looking monster, he can be immature and petty when it comes to the welfare of his daughter, and he does not approve of her choice in a boyfriend. He constantly picks on Darkwing and zaps him when Morgana isn’t looking. He wishes Morgana would settle down with a ‘ghoulish’ boy and raise a family of little monsters.

He can be controlling at times but only wants what’s best for his daughter. Moloculo also makes an appearance in the episode “Hot Spells” to support Morgana while she is doing a thesis presentation at Eldritch Academy.

Aunt Nasty

Aunt Nasty loves to cook, and Darkwing Duck often ends up on the menu. She’s a rather old and knowledgable witch and a professor at Eldritch Academy. It is not specified who she is an Aunt to but the entire family refers to her as “Aunt”. She also appears in “Hot Spells” where she invites Gosalyn to sit in on one of her classes, and “Malice’s Restaurant” where she works as a cook at Morgana’s restaurant, The Shadow Chateau.

Cousin Globby

There’s a weird cousin in every family. For the Macawbers, it’s probably their gelatanous relative who has no limbs or bones. Despite that, he’s a rather polite and friendly fellow, even when he’s stuck to your leg.


The name of only one of the heads is mentioned as “Screamy” but the other is left unknown. They appear to have a Jekyll and Hyde personality where one head is rather unhinged and violent (Screamy), and the other is polite and passive.

Cyclops Macawber

Her name and relation is never revealed, but it’s assumed she is a cousin of Morgana’s, perhaps connected to Aunt Nasty. She is the only member of the family who actually speaks with a Transylvanian accent.

Big Hulking Macawber

His name is not revealed, but he appears to be a rather friendly dim-witted giant.

Rat-Cat Macawber

Another unnamed family member, perhaps a family pet.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Monsters R Us
  2. Hot Spells
  3. Malice’s Restaurant