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Voiced by: Joey Camen

Alias: Stegmutt

Real name: Unknown

Nicknames: Steggers

Occupation: Duck turned dinosaur


Darkwing Duck (ally)

Justice Ducks (member)


vlcsnap-2015-04-19-05h37m13s178Once an average janitor working at the St. Canard Natural History Museum, Stegmutt became the guinea pig for the maniac scientist Dr. Fossil and his Retro-Evolution Gun. Dr. Fossil had plans to turn all living beings into living dinosaurs, but was thwarted by Darkwing (with some assistance from Stegmutt).

Stegmutt is a friendly lovable dope, but his Jurassic physique scares off everyone within a ten mile radius and Darkwing thinks he’s a total idiot. Regardless, Stegmutt’s brute strength is a valuable asset in the battle against evil, and he serves as a member of The Justice Ducks.

He’s also a hot dog vendor in his spare time.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  2. Jurassic Jumble