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Splatter Phoenix

Voiced by: Dani Staahl and Andrea Martin

Alias: Splatter Phoenix

Real name: Melody Amber Phoenix (confirmed in Issue #5 of Joe Books run).

Nicknames: Splatter

Occupation: Eccentric artist villain


Darkwing Duck (enemy)


vlcsnap-2015-05-10-02h25m29s721Splatter Phoenix is an eccentric artist who discovered special chemical compounds that allow her to change and control artwork. Using her brush, she can paint just about anything into existence, as well as alter pre-existing objects and imagery. Because she lacks the funds to continue her creative endeavors, she has turned to a life of villainy to get the money she needs to continue her artistic experiments.

In her debut episode “A Brush With Oblivion” she steals the Mona Lisa’s famous smile and holds it for ransom in hopes of making some fast cash. She is thwarted by none other than Honker Muddlefoot, who was wrongfully accused of tampering with the artwork in the gallery.

The only other episode she appears in is “Paint Misbehavin”. Splatter has perfected her quantum mechanical brushes so that she can replace all of the artwork in the world with her own style. She believes that she is saving the world from “artistic oblivion” and “insufferable bourgeoisie art”.

She holds a particular hatred for comic books, believing them to be the antithesis of all that she stands for.

It is unknown whether or not she died at the end of the episode after she spills Turpentine on herself and melts into a puddle. During the livestream interview with Tad Stones, when questioned about her death, his answer was: “She is absolutely, completely dead until we have a story to tell with her.”

She makes a return in the 2016 comics in Issue #6 as the main villain. According to writer Aaron Sparrow, he was planning on her teaming up with Negaduck and his army of villains:

“I was really looking forward to having Splatter Phoenix trade barbs with Negaduck” – Aaron Sparrow via twitter

Facts about Splatter:

  • She appears in only two episodes, each with a different voice actor.
  • Splatter defines her art style as “daringly innovative pseudo anti neo-post modern deconstructionist… stuff”.
  • Turpentine causes her to melt, suggesting she herself is a being made from paint.

Episode Appearances:

  1. A Brush With Oblivion (debut episode)
  2. Paint Misbehavin’