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Voiced by: Michael Bell

Alias: Quackerjack

Real name: Unknown

Nicknames: QJ, Quacky, Quackers

Occupation: Insane toymaker


Darkwing Duck (enemy)

Whiffle Boy (rival company)

Megavolt (ally, pal)

Fearsome Five (member)


vlcsnap-2015-05-06-02h13m42s981Quackerjack was once the owner of the infamous Quackerjack Toy Company until it went out of business due to the rising popularity of video games, particularly Whiffle Boy. It is assumed the downfall of his company is what caused him to crack and lose whatever marbles he may have had in the first place. He became a criminal and started using his toys to aid him in his crimes against society. He always carries around a stuffed banana doll by the name of “Mr. Banana Brain” who he talks to on a regular basis (and talks for the doll as well, although he seems to believe the doll does so on its own accord).

He later befriends Megavolt and the two often team up to commit high-profile crimes together (“Stressed to Kill, “Time and Punishment”). Both villains are also members of the Fearsome Five.

According to Flapping Terror’s interview with Tad Stones, Quackerjack was intended to be a darker character, much like The Joker, but he ended up being written as a more silly, eccentric type villain. As a result, he is Stones’ least favourite character in the series. Oddly enough, Quackerjack remains a beloved favourite among fans.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Whiffle While You Work (first appearance)
  2. Days of Blunder
  3. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  4. Toys Czar Us
  5. Life, The Negaverse, and Everything
  6. Darkwing Doubloon
  7. Quack of Ages
  8. Time and Punishment
  9. Stressed to Kill
  10. The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain
  11. Jail Bird