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One-Shot Villains (Appeared in a single episode)


vlcsnap-2015-05-10-04h31m40s397Episode appearance: #104 Getting Antsy.

Biography: Lilliput owned the miniature golf course, Gooney Golf, and was using a strange hat to communicate with and control ants. With his tiny minions, and his trusty shrink ray, he began turning St. Canard’s monuments into miniature props for his golf course. This is essentially his modus operandi, as well as collecting some cash along the way. He is defeated when he shrinks Darkwing down to the size of the germ, and the caped crusader “infects” him.

Apparently symptoms of Darkwing-itus involve one’s face turning green and spotted, and is accompanied by uncontrollable sneezing. See your local doctor immediately, if symptoms worsen into a pervasive urge to wear a cape and speak in obsessive Alliteration.

vlcsnap-2015-05-10-04h34m41s293Major Trenchrot

Episode appearance: #106 Apes of Wrath.

Biography: A Hunter who owns a banana plantation in the jungle. He tricks Darkwing into thinking the apes are raiding his banana plantation every night. As it turns out, his banana plantation is really a cover for stocking weaponry, and he intends to turn the jungle island into a vacation resort for villains. The weapons are door prizes for his first 100 guests.

Eventually Trenchrot is overthrown, and sadly, the resort is not meant to be.

“The King of St. Canard” and his little brother, Lamont

vlcsnap-2015-05-10-04h45m34s736Episode appearance: #111 Paraducks.

Biography: When Darkwing and Gosalyn travel back in time to Darkwing’s childhood, they discover little ‘Drakey’ is being bullied by two cheap Elvis impersonators. The King is using an electric guitar as a weapon to rob stores, and Drakey is forced to work for his gang.

Drakey is taught to grow a back bone, and the rock star menaces are crushed, Darkwing style (which, evidently, involves an electric guitar solo by the masked mallard himself).

Jock Newbody

vlcsnap-2015-05-10-04h56m47s122Episode appearance: #118 You Sweat Your Life.

Biography: Jock Newbody owns the ‘Hale and Hearty House of Health’, and is in search of an elixir for immortality which creates the Fountain of Youth. At 122 years old, he’s not ready to loosen his grip on the mortal coil just yet. His minions, Flex and Slim assist him, stealing priceless artifacts that are required to create the elixir.

Naturally, Darkwing catches wind of the thefts, and joins the fitness resort undercover as Drake Mallard, involuntarily accompanied by Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot. An elixir that makes you live forever, and the Muddlefoots? What could possibly go wrong?


vlcsnap-2015-05-10-05h00m47s463Episode appearance: #124 When Aliens Collide

Biography: An escaped alien criminal, in possession of the most dangerous explosives in the universe, known as “Seismospheres”. After crash landing on Earth, Gosalyn mistakes him as a lost alien pet due to the collar he is wearing. In reality, the collar prevents him from talking, or using his super strength and ability to stretch like rubber.

Fortunately, Gosalyn discovers the truth, and a good eye-poking teaches Wakko a thing or two about messing with red-heads.

vlcsnap-2015-05-10-05h03m17s512Doctor Fossil

Episode appearance: #125 Jurassic Jumble

Biography: Dr. Fossil invented a Retro-Evolution Gun, in hopes of turning everyone in St. Canard into dinosaurs. The guy was, weeeell… just a little obsessed with oversized lizards.

He is also responsible for Stegmutt being turned in to a dinosaur.

Isis Vanderchill

vlcsnap-2015-05-10-05h04m54s137Episode appearance: #128 All’s Fahrenheit in Love and War

Biography: Formerly known as the “Ice Queen of St. Canard”, Isis owned the Vanderchill Ice Factory. She underwent experimental surgery to freeze her face, in order to prevent the effects of aging, and froze her blood instead. She became an ice-powered mutant, suffering the unfortunate side-effect of inescapable cold. She decides to coat the city in melted gold, in order to reflect the sunlight and heat up the city, allowing her the warmth she desires.

She also repeatedly flirts with Darkwing, making it clear she finds him rather attractive. In his words: “Why do the weird ones always fall for me?”

After Darkwing turns her into a frozen snowduck, she’s hauled off to jail, and never heard from again.


Episode appearance: #130 Ghoul of my Dreams

Biography: Nodoff is the ruler of DreamWorld, where all people go after they fall asleep. He supplies Morgana with sleep sand, that puts the entire city to sleep, so that she can rob them blind. Unfortunately, Nodoff is only using her for his own personal gain, and eventually betrays her. It’s up to Darkwing to save his villainness in distress, and prevent the citizens of St. Canard from staying asleep forever.

Hot Shot

vlcsnap-2011-10-22-23h48m50s88Episode appearance: #137 Heavy Mental

Biography: Formerly a useless FOWL recruit, until Major Synapse zapped him with the SHUSH Norma Ray. Hot Shot gained the ability to conjure fire and ice.

He is defeated when Launchpad, who also gains psychic powers, crushes him with a giant anvil.


Fly Girl

vlcsnap-2011-10-22-23h42m38s220Episode appearance: #137 Heavy Mental

Biography: Flygirl was formerly a FOWL recruit, until Major Synapse zapped her with the SHUSH Norma Ray. Fly Girl gained the ability to make objects levitate.

She is eventually crushed by a giant anvil alongside Hot Shot.


Major Synapse

vlcsnap-2011-10-22-23h45m34s137Episode appearance: #137 Heavy Mental

Biography: Major Synapse worked for FOWL and was demoted to their Psychic Division after marching his troops into an erupting volcano, believing it was the only way to secure it.

He steals the Norma Ray from SHUSH and uses it to give super abilities to his FOWL recruits, creating Hot Shot and Fly Girl.

When both Hot Shot and Fly Girl fail in killing Darkwing, Major Synapse turns the Norma Ray on himself and transforms into the ultimate psychic being, made of pure thought….. which, evidently, means turning into a giant hideous brain.

He is defeated when Darkwing zaps him with the Norma Ray again while asking mindless trivia questions (“What is the airspeed velocity of a common garden swallow?”) causing Major Synapse to explode in a gooey mess of brains.

Ordinary Guy/Not-So-Ordinary Guy

vlcsnap-2015-05-10-05h23m19s775Episode appearance: #139 Planet of the Capes

Biography: On planet Mertz, where everyone is a super hero, Ordinary Guy is the only one without super powers. As a result, he is the only one in need of saving, and is constantly harassed by heroes until finally, he snaps. He creates a ray gun that saps all the super heroes of their powers, and in reverse, it gives both him and Darkwing powers. The two super-powered psychos duke it out, ripping apart half the universe in the process. Eventually, Darkwing stands triumphant, and Ordinary Guy is returned to his planet, to continue his mundane life… or does he?

Phineas Sharp

vlcsnap-2015-05-10-05h22m14s244Episode appearance: #150 In Like Blunt

Biography: When Phineas Sharp gets a hold of SHUSH’s list of agents, he decides to auction them off to the highest criminal bidder – thus risking the lives of all SHUSH employees.

Darkwing, the only SHUSH affiliate not listed, teams up with super spy sensation Derek Blunt, in order to retrieve the list. Needless to say, Phineas Sharp is soon left to deal with one group of angry, gypped villains, including the infamous Beagle Boys, Magica DeSpell, and Flintheart Glomgold.

Dr. Anna Matronic

vlcsnap-2015-05-10-05h25m36s905Episode appearance: #150 In Like Blunt

Biography: Unfortunately, this villain didn’t even get an episode of her own. She appeared as a cameo in “In Like Blunt” at Phineas Sharp’s resort. Her role is more prolific in the Disney Afternoon comic series, where she is drawn as a human. She also appears in the children’s book “The Silly Canine Caper” in her duck form.

Doctor Slug

vlcsnap-00109Episode appearance: #155 Inside Binky’s Brain

Biography: Dr. Slug has never actually appeared as a main villain in the show, but made a short cameo at the beginning of “Inside Binky’s Brain”. He is also mentioned numerous times throughout the series: He trumps Negaduck as Public Enemy #1 in “Quiverwing Quack”, and Megavolt assumes that Dr. Slug is Darkwing’s ultimate arch-nemesis. The running gag seems to be that Dr. Slug is heralded as some sort of ultimate super villain, and yet he never plays a major role in the show.


vlcsnap-00107Episode appearance: #156 The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain

Biography: Probably the creepiest of the bunch, Paddywhack was a demon of sorts, confined to a Jack-in-the-Box in a museum for ancient toys. When Gosalyn plays a practical joke on Darkwing, it awakens the spirit in the cursed Jack-in-the-Box. The situation becomes more complicated when Quackerjack attempts to rob the museum, and the creature feeds off his amusing antics. Quackerjack accidentally releases Paddywhack, who possesses Mr. Banana Brain, and traps Quackerjack in his box. Darkwing soon joins him. It’s now up to Darkwing and Quackerjack to work together to stop this eerie demon, before they’re forever trapped in his dimensional jack-in-the-box. Paddywhack thrives on pranks, gags, and mischief, and feeds off this energy to survive.

Although Paddywhack is eventually defeated and returned to his box, it is implied at the end of the episode that he has escaped after his box is swallowed by a fish.


vlcsnap-2011-10-23-22h47m57s125Episode appearance: #159 U.F.Foe

Biography: Tia, Queen of the Galaxy, lands on Earth and proposes to marry Launchpad — making him the new ruler of the cosmos.

But Tia’s Royal Advisor has hatched a plot: Replace Launchpad’s brain with one that would obey his every order. LP would be his puppet, and as a result the galaxy would be his to command.

Darkwing stumbles onto his plan, but Plebe is faster and before Darkwing realizes it, he finds himself a brain in a jar with his body under the control of the evil extraterrestrial.

Fortunately, with a little film footage from Gosalyn, Plebe’s evil plan is revealed and he’s stopped before Launchpad is turned into a mindless zombie. His de-atomizer ray bounces off a wall and hits him, causing him to de-evolve into a fish.

Ample Grime

vlcsnap-2011-10-22-22h15m48s81Episode appearance: #163 Dirty Something

Biography: Ample Grime is the filthy, disgusting, unhygienic sister of Ammonia Pine, and a fellow FOWL agent. High Command sends her to assist Ammonia in cleaning out the city of all its money.

She enjoys making farting noises with her armpits, keeping pet lice, and drives a garbage truck.

Despite being complete opposites, Ammonia displays a protective and maternal streak for her little sister, always cleaning up after her.

Master Lee

vlcsnap-00084Episode appearance: #164 Kung Fooled

Biography: Darkwing’s former Quack-Fu master has sold out. Having abandoned his humble lifestyle, he’s now rolling in money, and intends to build a theme park dubbed “Ninja Land”, under the guise it will lead to Enlightenment.

He steals an ancient horn to revive a dragon, so that he can command the mythical beast to chase away the residents, and use the land for his theme park. The dragon turns out to be an out-of-control toddler, and only Darkwing can stop it. Rescuing Master Lee in the process, his old guru apologizes and renounces his selfish ways. A compromise is made, which results in the creation of Ninja Land, home to the baby dragon.

Camille Chameleon

vlcsnap-00088Episode appearance: #208 To Calm a Chameleon

Biography: Camille was fascinated by chameleons and their ability to adapt to any environment. She extracted the essence of the chameleon, gaining the power to shape-shift. She also retained chameleon attributes, such as green feathers, a tail, and a lisp.

Using her shape-shifting powers, she attempts to create her own money by posing as Mrs. Howl, owner of a large newspaper chain. Her plan is thwarted when intense heat speeds up her metabolism, rendering her unable to control her shape-shifting. This leads to her turning into a lizard. It’s unknown if she is able to change back into her former self.

Weasel Lowry

vlcsnap-00086Episode appearance: #213 The Merchant of Menace

Biography: A former work colleague of Herb Muddlefoot at Quackerware Products. He was fired from his job for being a disgrace to the world of burping, plastic containers. Using a machine to turn the Quackerware products into sentient beings, he sells them while disguised as Herb. The products then ransack the customers’ homes, steal their valuable belongings, and hand them over to Weasel. SHUSH targets Herb as the prime suspect.

With the help of Herb Muddlefoot, Darkwing is able to uncover Weasel’s scam, and clear Herb’s name.

D-2000 (a.k.a., “Dee Dee”)

vlcsnap-00089Episode appearance: #304 Star Crossed Circuits

Biography: When Darkwing receives an efficient crime-fighting computer from SHUSH, it proves to be too efficient. Gosalyn decides to teach the computer about emotions by feeding it a tape of the soap opera “The Young and the Brainless”. Combined with Darkwing spilling soda on the keyboard, the D-2000 becomes Dee-Dee, the madly love obsessed Darkwing fanatic. When Darkwing “dumps” her, she snaps, and attempts to eliminate him. A pull of the switch eventually puts an end to her.

Gosalyn’s Evil Energy Beings: Heat Waves (anger), Radio Waves (ego), and Light Waves (fun).

vlcsnap-00092Episode appearance: #306 The Frequency Fiends

Biography: When Darkwing receives a new SHUSH weapon, Gosalyn is accidently zapped, and the three worst parts of her personality are transformed into evil energy beings. With the unexpected help of Megavolt, Darkwing and Gos need to get her troublemaking triplets under control, before the city gets toasted.

Bianca Beakley (a.k.a., The Bug Master)

vlcsnap-00093Episode appearance: #309 Fraudcast News

Biography: Bianca Beakley was a popular journalist and reporter, who wanted to boost her ratings by interviewing Darkwing as he fought the city’s fiercest villains. Unfortunately, the Supervillain Convention in Florida left St. Canard crimeless. Beakley decided to create her own super villain persona, “The Bug Master” to create news coverage. Unfortunately, she got a little too wrapped up in her creepy persona, kidnapping the most famous Circus Flea in the world, and attempting to melt Darkwing in boiling wax. Eventually her identity is uncovered, and Bianca Beakley’s career is destroyed.

Swendlin Swine (a.k.a. Cement Head).

vlcsnap-00099Episode appearance: #311 Mutantcy on the Bouncy

Biography: Cement Head is a concrete crime lord, who was responsible for framing The Rubber Chicken. Disowned as a child for his freak mutant cement abilities, he survived as a criminal on the streets. Craving acceptance, he hides under the persona of Swendlin Swine, head of the Swine Corporation, and respectable businessman.

Johnny T. Rex

vlcsnap-00105Episode appearance: #313 Extinct Possibility

Biography: When Darkwing goes back in time to the age of dinosaurs, he discovers the ancient scientists are being threatened by a T-Rex and his gang. To keep himself and the citizens from becoming Johnny’s next entree, he challenges him to a road race. Eventually Johnny is encased in amber, and after eons pass, scientists recover his ageless body, still frozen and assumed alive.