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Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta

Alias: Megavolt

Real name: Elmo Sputterspark

Nicknames: Megs, Megsy, Sparky (but don’t ever call him that!)

Occupation: The world’s second favourite electric rodent


Darkwing Duck (enemy)

Quackerjack (ally, pal)

Fearsome Five (member)


vlcsnap-2015-05-06-02h32m16s839Megavolt was once known as the teenage genius Elmo Sputterspark. During his final year of high school he was conducting an experiment using static electricity. By running on a carpeted treadmill he was able to produce enough static to power a light bulb. When the high school jock Ham String taped Megavolt’s hands to the machine and left him running at full speed, the machine overloaded and Megavolt was filled with electrical energy. He gained the ability to shoot electricity from his fingers and essentially function as a walking battery.

Megavolt’s electrical powers are not unlimited, however. He has to recharge himself regularly, usually by draining power from the city. This tends to cause many power outages, which leads Darkwing to deduce that Megavolt is up to something.

It is often suspected that Megavolt’s brain was fried when he gained his powers because he often experiences bouts of short-term amnesia and has an overall poor memory. He talks to light bulbs and is convinced they are enslaved by the general populace. Many of his crime sprees are completely nonsensical: He’ll “rescue” light bulbs so he can release them “back into the wild to frolic with the untamed light bulbs”. He once tried creating the world’s biggest magnet for the purpose of attracting metal so he could melt it down to make an even bigger magnet.

Megavolt is Darkwing’s oldest arch-enemy. The two have been battling each other since high school.

vlcsnap-2015-05-06-02h36m30s196Facts about Megavolt:

  • He is one of Tad Stones’ favourite characters.
  • Megavolt has appeared in more episodes of the cartoon than any other supervillain.
  • Darkwing knows Megavolt’s true identity. For a short while, Megavolt learned Darkwing’s identity as well, but quickly forgot it (“Clash Reunion”)
  • Megavolt has teamed up with Darkwing on a few occasions. He was even brought blind-folded to Darkwing Tower where he quickly deduced it was the Audobon Bay Bridge. Darkwing then convinced him it was all a hologram (“The Frequency Fiends”).

Episode Appearances:

  1.  Duck Blind
  2. Comic Book Capers
  3. A Revolution in Home Appliances
  4. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  5. Up, Up, and Awry
  6. Life, The Negaverse, and Everything
  7. Darkwing Doubloon
  8. Twitching Channels
  9. Time and Punishment
  10. Stressed to Kill
  11. Inside Binky’s Brain
  12. Whirled History
  13. Jail Bird
  14. Negaduck
  15. Inherit the Wimp
  16. The Frequency Fiends
  17. Clash Reunion