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Gosalyn Mallard

Voiced by: Christine Cavanaugh

Alias: The Quiverwing Quack/Crimson Quackette

Real name: Gosalyn Mallard (formerly Waddlemeyer)

Nicknames: Gos

Occupation: Spirited tomboy


Drake Mallard (adopted father)

Professor Waddlemeyer (biological grandfather –deceased)

Honker Muddlefoot (best friend)


vlcsnap-2015-04-14-17h46m26s198Gosalyn Mallard (formerly Waddlemeyer) lost her parents at a very young age. She was raised by her grandfather, Professor Waddlemeyer, and spent much of her time in his laboratory. She was Orphaned at the age of 9 when Taurus Bulba sent hitmen to murder her grandfather in an attempt to get ahold of his invention, The Waddlemeyer Ramrod.

When Bulba’s henchmen targeted Gosalyn she was rescued by Darkwing Duck. The two quickly became inseparable and Darkwing adopts her as his own daughter. Gosalyn is the most important part of Darkwing’s life. She is his rock, and throughout the cartoon it is made clear that without her, Darkwing is prone to flying out of control. The episode “Time and Punishment” is a key episode that demonstrates how Gosalyn is his voice of reason, and keeps his ego (somewhat) under control.

Despite her tragic past, Gosalyn is a described as “spirited” by those who love her, although most would assume she’s simply a problem-child due to her rough ‘n tough tomboy nature. She has an obsession with all things strange and gross, is talented in sports, and has an overactive imagination. She is extremely brave and loves watching R-rated movies (to the immense disapproval of her father).

In an interview with creator Tad Stones, the development of Gosalyn was revealed:

Then when we wondered What if Batman had to raise a little girl? The idea finally jelled. That’s what gave the show the real heart, the real dynamic. Gosalyn [Darkwing Duck’s adopted daughter] was kind of inspired by my daughter, who was only about two at the time. Looking back on it I wonder how I could have based it on her, but I just remember she was such a bundle of energy and incorrigible; it was like I was seeing her future and putting this little girl on the screen.

512x384xvlcsnap-2011-12-16-23h50m30s154.png,qm=1337924234.pagespeed.ic.1acjhZb-tJIn a number of episodes Gosalyn proves her potential as a crime-fighter when she dons the disguises of “Crimson Quackette” and “Quiverwing Quack”. The latter alias becomes infamous throughout St. Canard as a sensational new super-hero, hinting that in the future Gosalyn may inherit Darkwing’s crime-fighting career.

Although she appears to be a delinquent who enjoys pranks and breaking the rules, Gosalyn is an extremely intelligent nine year-old with a large vocabulary and a lot of worldly experience. She isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in and she’ll protect her friends and family at any cost.

 Facts about Gos:

  • She has driven teachers straight to the psych-ward.
  • She can speak Swahili.
  • The circumstances behind her parent’s deaths are never revealed. Nor do we know their names and identities.
  • Gosalyn’s voice actor, Christine Cavanaugh, passed away in 2014.