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  • High Command (leaders)
  • Agent Steelbeak (Chief Agent)
  • Ammonia Pine
  • Ample Grime
  • Major Synapse
  • Hot Shot
  • Fly Girl
  • Phineas Sharp
  • Eggmen (nameless minions)

Occupation: Terrorist Organization


vlcsnap-2011-10-31-22h55m30s164The Fiendish Organization for World Larceny (F.O.W.L) specializes in big-time world domination. Utilizing classic spy methods, the operation is run by three shadowy figures known only as High Command. Their identities are never revealed.

Like most terrorist organizations, their goal is total control of the planet through amassing a large wealth of illegal funds. Agents are sent out to rob banks, steal military weapons, and threaten planetary destruction in exchange for a large ransom.

Agent Steelbeak is their Chief Agent and is often left in charge of the bigger missions. He is often accompanied by the lower ranking Eggmen who are trained as soldiers.

F.O.W.L is constantly at odds with the spy agency SHUSH, their number one opposition.

Facts about F.O.W.L:

  • F.O.W.L first appeared in the DuckTales episode “Double O Duck” and was led by Dr. Nogoodnick.
  • The middle silhouette of High Command with the prominent fangs had multiple different voice actors — some were female, and others were male. During a livestream with Tad Stones, he stated: “I thought of her as female. Casting sloppiness due to the fact they were just silohuettes.”

Episode Appearances:

  1.  Dirty Money
  2. Water Way To Go
  3. Trading Faces
  4. Bearskin Thug
  5. Cleanliness is Next to Badliness
  6. Heavy Mental
  7. In Like Blunt
  8. The Darkwing Squad
  9. Dirtysomething
  10. Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet
  11. Tiff of the Titans
  12. Bad Tidings
  13. The Steerminator