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Comet Guy

Alias: Comet Guy

Real name: Unknown (but likely… Comet Guy)

Nicknames: Hooter, J. Gander.

Occupation: Ambassador from the Planet Murtz


Darkwing Duck (ally, mentor)


vlcsnap-2015-04-21-02h47m32s238Comet Guy hails from Murtz, a planet inhabited by Superheroes, all of which are pretty Super-stupid. He is not very bright and so far has failed in his career as a superhero. As a result he has come to Earth searching for their greatest champion, “a crime-fighter, renowned throughout the galaxy” in order to seek their guidance. It just so happens that he runs into Darkwing, and begrudgingly, the caped crusader offers to show the big lug a thing or two about fighting evil-doers.

Comet Guy’s super-weakness is that when he hears the ring of a bell he gets an irresistible urge to dance… often in a pink ballet tutu. Steelbeak uses this to his advantage in “Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet” which produces some rather hilarious results.

Facts about Comet Guy:

  • Upon first seeing him, Darkwing describes Comet Guy as a “bizarre-looking Alien Monstrosity” and a “peculiar looking thing”. Humans are obviously not commonplace in Darkwing’s world.
  • It later turns out the “crime-fighter renowned throughout the galaxy” was actually Gizmoduck. Comet Guy thought Darkwing was Giz the entire time.

Episode Appearances:

  1. Smarted Than a Speeding Bullet
  2. Planet of the Capes