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Voiced by: Tino Insana

Alias: Bushroot

Real name: Dr. Reginald Bushroot

Nicknames: Bushbrain, Melonhead, Bushy

Occupation: Mutant plant-duck


Darkwing Duck (enemy)

Fearsome Five (member)

Dr. Rhoda Dendron (former co-worker)


vlcsnap-2015-05-09-23h09m02s865Dr. Reginald Bushroot was once a shy, quiet scientist who specialized in Botany at St. Canard University. He was bullied by the other scientists because his experiments weren’t considered profitable. The only person to treat him with kindness was the beautiful Dr. Rhoda Dendron. Bushroot was madly in love with her but never had the courage to tell her how he felt.

He was researching photosynthesis in an attempt to make the world a better place by giving living beings the ability to gain nutrients from the sun. He experimented on himself but something went horribly wrong, and he was transformed into a half duck, half plant hybrid. He gained the ability to telepathically communicate with plants and bend them to his will.

Bushroot is often considered one of the most sympathetic villains in the cartoon due to his passive personality, and outward loneliness. He goes to great lengths to make friends, quite literally, by using genetics to mutate plants. He even grows himself a wife, but the experiment backfires when his true love becomes a vampire potato that Darkwing later destroys.

Bushroot’s only companion is his pet flytrap, Spike. He joins the Fearsome Five and occasionally commits crimes with them as well.

Like many plants, he has regenerative properties and can grow back his body after it’s been destroyed. During a livestream interview with Tad Stones, he revealed Bushroot’s likely immortality:

I loved Bushroot. He was our Swamp Thing. I considered making him a guest star on Buzz Lightyear of Star Command because he’d be sort of immortal since [his] seeds would produce copies of himself

Facts about Bushroot:

  • During the aforementioned livestream interview, when asked if Bushroot and Rhoda Dendron still have a chance at romance in the future, Tad Stones responded: “I think that ship has long vanished over the horizon.”

Episode Appearances:

  1. Beauty and the Beet (debut episode)
  2. Night of the Living Spud
  3. Easy Come, Easy Grows
  4. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  5. Life, The Negaverse, and Everything
  6. Darkwing Doubloon
  7. It’s a Wonderful Leaf
  8. Twin Beaks
  9. The Incredible Bulk
  10. Slime OK, You’re Ok
  11. A Star Is Scorned
  12. Jail Bird