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From: Sharonna McQuack

Sharonna McQuack asks:

Rather than wasting everyone’s time with flattery and praise (because most of you know how awesome you are and others *cough-bushroot* should be figuring it out soon enough) I’ll just get right to it.

Negaduck; What would you do without Darkwing?  I don’t mean that in a distasteful NegaduckxDarkwing sort of fashion, but in an antithesis of polar opposites sort of way.  Don’t you think life would become rather boring without someone intercepting you every now and again?

Bushroot;  What would you have done had you not become a mutant plant-duck?  I’ve always been curious as to whether you would have exacted revenge as a duck the same as you did as a plant-duck?  A man can only be pushed so far.

Megavolt; Why do you hate to be called Sparky so much?  It seems to be a trigger word that leads you off the train of thought.  Have you thought of desensitizing yourself to it?

Quackerjack; It’s not a question, but I love your history and trivia dolls.  Even the little reapers are cute.  Perhaps, with the aid of the internet, you could pander to a wider demographic and return QuackerJack toys to the market.  Something to consider.

Thank you all for your time.

Negaduck: What would I do without Dripwing constantly jumping in with his lame speeches and stupid gadgetry? Let me count the ways. I would spend my days rolling in money. In fact, I’d probably jack Scrooge McDuck’s money bin right out from under his wrinkly liver-spotted feet. Then maybe a little world domination here and there… perhaps take a vacation somewhere tropical.

Yeah, I think I can do just ducky without that alliterating airhead. I’ll savor the moment I finish him off for good.

Bushroot: The only reason I became a mutant is because the funding was cut short on my project and in my desperation I turned to using myself as a lab rat. But I guess if the university had kept me around, I would’ve eventually found the answer to mammalian photosynthesis. Then Dr. Dendron might’ve finally noticed me, and maybe we even could’ve gone on a date. *sigh* A plant can still dream, can’t he?

But I digress, I don’t think I would’ve exacted revenge on Dr. Larson and Dr. Gary had I remained the same. Having these unique abilities gave me the ‘push’ I needed, and at that point it wasn’t like I had anything left to lose. It’s somewhat ironic that in order to gain a spine I had to lose my old one!

Megavolt: Isn’t it obvious?! My name isn’t Sparky, it’s Megavolt! Who calls themselves that?! And that infernal Darkwing Duck is always taunting me with that insipid name! Oooh… when I get my hands on him, let me tell you. The only one sparking will be him after I’ve roasted his corpse twice over!

Quackerjack: All this new-fangled technology really roasts my rumbledthumps! I prefer the good ‘ol fashioned store front, and then I can watch everyone enjoy their toys in person! Besides I heard from some smart guy that the Internet’s tubes get clogged a lot and then everything moves slow and boooring!

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