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From: April V.

April asks:

All – what do you guys look for in a girl?

Negsy – i love your evil awesomeness. what is the best insult you gave Darkwing Dork?

Megavolt – forget what everyone says you rock

Liquidator – i love your voice. would you ever do a talk show?

Bushroot and Quackerjack – You are both so adorable, do either of you need a girlfriend cuz i like coffee, i like tea, i like toys and they like me i hate video games love all plants (roses are my fav) hate that terror of the english language Darkwing Dork, and im mental ( Multi personality )

—–Love April

Negaduck: How can I choose just one? All of my insults are sheer brilliance! As for chicks, it’s pretty simple: They have to be hot, must know their way around a thermonuclear detonator, and shouldn’t expect me to stick around for long. Bahahaha!

Megavolt: Well I definitely prefer the friendly traditional incandescents. Those fancy pant eco-friendly compact fluorescents just think they’re all that and a bag of hazardous chemicals! …That was what you meant by girls, right?

Liquidator: A talk show would be profitable. Just give me time to bribe the television networks!

Bushroot: I do wish I could find a girlfriend but uhm… I’m not so sure about this whole Internet dating thing. After this one incident I had on PlentyOfBirds I’ve decided to stick to the locals. Now if only they wouldn’t run away screaming…

Quackerjack: I dunnnno. You girls DO have the dreaded cooties. They say 9 out of 10 boys fall victim to the disease. Have YOU had your cootie shot today?

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