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Submit your own fan character

To submit your character please fill out the information and email it to

The username you wanted to be listed as (your name, not the character's name)
Real Name (Your character's full name, given at birth) 

Alias (The name everyone knows your character by and/or a superhero/villain name)

Nicknames (Any funny nicknames they may have) 

Age (Your character's current age) 

Species (Duck/Goose/Three-toed sloth/etc) Species (Duck/Goose/Three-toed 
sloth/etc) Appearance (description of what your character looks like) 

Relationships (Friends/family/romantic interests) Super powers (if any) Weaknesses (ALL well-rounded characters have a weakness or two!) 

Personality (How your character acts/any unusual traits/etc)(required) Biography (Your character's personal background; how they became a hero/villain, etc)

Images (links to pictures of your character, will be included in your profile) 

Other info (Birthdate, pet peeves, fun facts, etc)