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Vincent Batsbane

Basic Info

Alias: Vincent
Real Name: Vincent Batsbane. Do not call him Vinny. He will ignore you.
Nicknames: None
Age: Early 20s
Species: Bat, half vampire bat, half flying fox

Occupation: Hero, vigilante, monster hunter


Lithe, his father’s maker. A sly, slippery green lizard.
Whisker, a mangy grey cat and his trainer, adoptive father.
His father, a vampire bat. (whereabouts unknown.)
His mother, a flying fox. (Deceased)

Super powers:
– Sonic abilities (Loud screeching that can hurt the ears and head, and cause dizzyness.)
– Flight via the wings on his back.
– Night vision.
– High tech gadgets like crossbows that fire wooden stakes, holy water supersoakers, garlic spray, ect.
– Anti-magic wards and charms.
– Blending into shadows, but no shadow manipulation.
– Heightened sight, smell and hearing.

Weaknesses: Light, sound, the sun. Silver has no effect.

Personality (click to expand)


Quiet and sombre, Batsbane keeps his emotions in check. Unfortunately if pestered he becomes aggressive and brash. He’s quite cynical and doesn’t see a lot of good in the world. He’s filled with self-hate thanks to the monster side of himself and finds it incredibly difficult to relate to “normal” people. Even heroes like Gizmoduck and Darkwing confuse him, yes, they’re not normal, but nor are they monsters.


Biography (click to expand)


Since many things in DWD nod towards comic books, Batsbane is a riff on Blade and van Hellsing.

A half-vampire-bat vigilante slaying creatures of the night, Batsbane is likely a descendant of Abraham Van Hecksing, the original vampire hunter.

Batsbane came into this world after his mother fell in love with a vampire and through their love he was made. He feels a self loathing for what he is and turns that loathing outward, hunting vampires, weres, ghosts, demons and even witches. Yes, he’ll even hunt Morgana or Magica simply because they practice magic while Negaduck, Bushroot, and Liquidator are below his notice because they’re merely accidents or merely psychotic killers and best left to Darkwing.