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Queen B

Basic Infoqueenb

Alias: Queen B

Real Name: Fina Doll

Age: 27

Occupation: Show-host/producer, part time villain

Relationships: Single and very independent

Super powers: None, but she knows average survival techniques, is well versed in technology and uses it to her benefit. She has not only small cameras and recorders to use, but also a gatling, and other things. She has the strength level of a woman who engages in moderate-to-strenuous physical activity, and she knows how to do her research. She is almost a walking encyclopedia of knowledge, and rarely forgets anything.

Weaknesses: She has normal level strength, and is far from superhuman in pretty much every category. She can die just like anyone else and can be beaten up by a superior opponent.

Appearance: Her costume is a black spandex body suit with a collar. Without it she dresses in trendy business attire, her hair is worn in a mod bob. She is not very tall and is rather thin.

Other Info: She dislikes cheesy snacks due to the murder it is on her complexion.

Personality (click to expand)


Snobby, arrogant, preening and downright mean, Fina isn’t someone who cares for trivialities such as friendship and selflessness. She thinks that heroes are cash-cows for her to cash in on but feels little for ideology as long as she can get her ratings in. She easily scoffs at attempts to humanize her, and likes to drive home the fact that she is better than her lessers in any way.

She is willing to hurt others to achieve her goals, and cares nothing for their well being if it means she can be better off. She can pretend to care, but in most cases she considers it beneath her to do so. She is not the usual person people try to befriend, but when it comes to economics and entertainment they need her on their side or else risk being crushed. She is power-hungry.

When she is being filmed she puts on a mask; she pretends to be caring, interested and open only to be become her usual “loving” self the minute the cameras are off.


Biography (click to expand)


Known as a cut-throat producer and host who would do anything for ratings, Fina Doll was used to success and used to lording it over others. Of course that can only get someone so far, as she would learn the hard way when after demanding a low-level employee in the effects department plant some tiny explosives to add a bit of interesting twists to the show. She had made an agreement with a well-known snow-boarder to do some shots, but she thought her time was too valuable to spend worrying about silly things such as safety. Filming from a helicopter, about to be lowered in, they were knocked out of the sky due to a large explosion and into the side of a mountain.

Having to survive for days in that frigid environment, surprisingly, wasn’t the thing that caused her to snap. It was after learning that her show might be cancelled by the production company she shared ownership in. Sadly that was before the accident, meaning she’d nearly gotten people killed for ratings. But she learned that it worked, because people flocked to watch a show where something so traumatic was able to be filmed. People liked trauma, people liked violence and reality, she garnered.

And so Fina Doll began her quest to gain more ratings by going straight to where the action was. Regardless of whether or not she or others were put in danger in order to get up close to the action. She even went so far as to stage crimes and accidents herself only to film the resulting chaos and attempts to apprehend the “mysterious villain”.