Darkwing Duck All-Night Marathon
Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Mal's note: I did not get some of the earlier discussion when the chat was open to everyone. But a few facts revealed from Tad during that time were:

- Morgana's last name was spelled differently in licensing and marketing. Tad always assumed it was spelled "Macawber".

- Tad's favourite episode is "That Sinking Feeling". He loved the gags and animation. It was the first episode produced, and the first one they did a pencil test for. It was produced in Australia.

- Tad felt that Honker lost a lot of his braininess in later episodes. He liked how Honker could do complex physics calculations in "That Sinking Feeling".

- When questioned on whether Tad planned any other episodes with Taurus Bulba (because "Steerminator" was left on a cliffhanger) he said no, he had not. He did not like Bulba's cyborg character design.

Tad would also like to add:

"Also, if you don't mind, make it clear in the form that nothing should be copyright Tad Stones and Disney. Anything I created as an employee is 100% owned by Disney. Any misguided attempt to include me to be nice could lead to legal trouble for me."

TadStones: Ooooo, it's like a con panel.

aaron_sparrow: I love Morgana's family, I wish there had been more exploration of them

TadStones: Taronga was the name of the server on the old Rescue Rangers list.

aaron_sparrow: So Tad, I'llask you some questions...who was your favorite character on the show to write?

TadStones: I liked writing Gosalyn/Darkwing interplay.

aaron_sparrow: Love that Fantasia gag we just saw, BTW

TadStones: That's what sorcery is for.

Malarity mod: Celey asks: Did you have anymore Beelzebub episodes planned?

aaron_sparrow: DW/Gosalyn is what gives the show it's heart. You guys did a great job of keeping her rambunctious without crossing over into being too precocious

TadStones: No. We didn't plan ahead like that. If someone pitched a good story we'd do it. Although the last 13 needed ABC approval.

Malarity mod: Aaron was telling me that Beelzebub isn't even allowed to be drawn in the comics

TadStones: I think having Gosalyn as fallable as her dad helped keep her fun.

TadStones: It might be the fact that we actually named him Beelzebub that created all the fuss.

Malarity mod: I still love that Darkwing's eternal hell is.. The Muddlefoots, lol

aaron_sparrow: Technically, I heard Beelebub wasn't allowed to be used. But in talking to Disney, we were told a few things came from them that never did, so who can be sure?

TadStones: DW hell was an obvious gag that we weren't above.

aaron_sparrow: I'm with Tad, I'm guessing the name is what got people worked up

Malarity mod: A pity. Because this episode is pretty awesome.

aaron_sparrow: The Muddlefoots are such great characters

TadStones: Generally Disney doesn't notice the Disney AFternoon. It's a company with a lot of divisions.

Malarity mod: Did you help write and plan this episode?

TadStones: 'Sorry, Dad. Didn't mean to endanger your soul like that."

aaron_sparrow: I WAS told that they get letters whenever there's any product that skirts the occult. Although they went full voodoo in PRINCESS AND THE FROG, so I guess it's purely situational.

Malarity mod: Alright, what episode shall we watch next?

aaron_sparrow: DRY HARD!

Malarity mod: Also, Roaming Tigress is curious about FOWL High Command. The middle figure's voice changed between male and female

Malarity mod: Was it a girl or guy?

TadStones: I thought of her as female. Casting sloppiness due to the fact they were just silohuettes.

TadStones: Evidently a mutant duck able to switch genders.

aaron_sparrow: When I was a kid, I was sure the guy in the tall hat was Phineas Sharp

TadStones: Or at least gender voices.

aaron_sparrow: Well, I guess I wasn't a kid, exactly. I was 18 when the show aired

TadStones: Wow. You're old.

Malarity mod: Hahaha. Did you ever come up with identities for the figures, or did you just make them as they were?

aaron_sparrow: Tad, will you help me fill out this AARP paperwork? I'm so confused...

TadStones: In the middle of production you don't have time to fill in back stories for characters you're not using.

TadStones: If they played a bigger role, writers would've written more for them.

Malarity mod: Makes sense. Not a bad thing necessarily... leaves room for the fans to speculate and have fun with it!

TadStones: Exactly.

aaron_sparrow: Getting the answer isn't always better.

TadStones: Embrace it , Aaron. I got a senior discount at Moneyball today because seniors start at 55!

TadStones: Good movie too.

aaron_sparrow: I was going to see it, but on the way I broke my hip

TadStones: More questions!

Malarity mod: Rene wants to know what your favourite exchange in the show was

Malarity mod: I'm assuming they mean conversation between characters

aaron_sparrow: I was going to say my favorite exchange was Darkwing and Stegmutt, money and a hot dog

aaron_sparrow: But since we're talking conversation...

TadStones: I must point out once again that I did the show a loooooong time ago and have been doing other shows since so that sort of details are lost to the mists of time and my soggy brain.

TadStones: But I really liked the

aaron_sparrow: Mine was Darkwing defeating Posey. Gos asks how he knew how to do it, and he responds "Knowing in advance we were dealing with a VAMPIRE potato, I did some research into local folklore, and..."

aaron_sparrow: Gos: You expect me to believe that?"

aaron_sparrow: DWD: "All right, some crackpot named 'Duane' tole me."

TadStones: "I was breathing your burps!!??" exchange between Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien in Hellboy: Sword of Storms

Malarity mod: Lol. For me any Gos/DW exchanges are pretty much the best.

aaron_sparrow: Those animated Hellboy were amazing, by the way. On Netflix, everyone. Check 'em out

TadStones: Duane was Duane Capezzi story editor.

TadStones: Who also has many WB credits.

aaron_sparrow: Ha! Did he voice the character as well?

TadStones: Nope. Just went for the gag.

Malarity mod: MysticIris asks Tad: How did you guys come up with the concept for the Darkwing Doubloon episode? Why didn't Quackerjack get a pirate outfit?

aaron_sparrow: I always wanted to use the Duane character anytime something mystic was going on in the comic

Malarity mod: Also Aaron: She wants to know if there's any good news for the future of Darkwing Duck comics

TadStones: DW Doubloon: that wasn't my pitch. Pirates is just something we consider in the scheme of things.

aaron_sparrow: There's some interest in future comics. That's about all I can say right now, it's all licensing and business deals and contracts and meetings in volcano lairs at this point. But we're hopeful.

Malarity mod: GreyofPTA wants to know if Splatter Phoenix actually died when she melted from the turpentine

TadStones: She is absolutely, completely dead until we have a story to tell with her.

aaron_sparrow: Only Bucky dies fore--check that.

TadStones: Remember, Darkwing lives in the Silver Age of comics where entertainment trumps continuity.

TadStones: Which I know drives you all crazy.

TadStones: At least my Darkwing does.

Malarity mod: Which probably answers Ryan Wynn's question about Negaduck which is why he didn't get his own "intro episode"

Malarity mod: We see the original Negatron Negaduck, and then it jumps to Negaverse Negaduck

TadStones: He did Darkwing was split in two.

Malarity mod: How does that explain the Negaverse?

aaron_sparrow: I don't want to write a Darkwing that isn't Tad's Darkwing

TadStones: When we brought him back there was no need to stop the story to tell some origin.

aaron_sparrow: I always though Negaduck came back for no other rerason than he was awesome

TadStones: Besides, it would mirror DW's origin and there's six or seven of those.

aaron_sparrow: More, if we get the chance. :D

TadStones: Dibs on that!

TadStones: With your help.

Malarity mod: Interestingly, Negaduck sort of did get an origin if you count "The Secret Origins of" episode

TadStones: Hobbit Darkwing. Twilight Darkwing. Bieber Darkwing.

TadStones: The horrors!

Malarity mod: Oh dear lord

TadStones: DarkBeiberwing!

Malarity mod: Cheezey wants to know if you would've done more with Bushroot. He's a pretty interesting character because at times he was almost a protagonist

aaron_sparrow: Tad, you never have to call dibs on anything! He's YOUR duck

aaron_sparrow: (Darkwing Duck tm and (C) Disney

TadStones: I loved Bushroot. He was our Swamp Thing. I considered making him a guest star on Buzz Lightyear of Star Command because he'd be sort of immortal since he seeds would produce copies of himself.

aaron_sparrow: I would have loved that

TadStones: I would want to see more character work on Bushroot.

Malarity mod: Was there ever a chance with him and Rhoda? Or has that ship sailed?

aaron_sparrow: I loved Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command. So much so that it got me severely chastised by Pixar. :D

TadStones: I think that ship has long vanished over the horizon.

aaron_sparrow: If a brainy scientist and a mutant plant/duck hybrid can't make it work, what chance to the rest of us have?

Malarity mod: Haha, awww. I always felt so bad for Bushroot. His luck in love was never good

aaron_sparrow: That's it. I no longer believe in love.

Malarity mod: This is one of my own questions... did you guys ever consider a NegaMorgana? A Posiduck?

TadStones: Frankly, if there were new shows and new comics or new anything with a story attached, I'd want to see them written for the millions who haven't seen or read Darkwing.

TadStones: It wouldn't exclude current fans but storylines should depend on a knowledge of the original show.

aaron_sparrow: Would you reimagine anyone? Like the Batman Animated series did for Mr. Freeze?

TadStones: Rhoda could show up but be explained when she did.

TadStones: Definitely there'd be some costume upgrades. Taurus Bulba is an obvious one. Heck, Iron Man has a billion suits, why not Taurus?

Malarity mod: Taurus needs a really bad-ass upgrade.

aaron_sparrow: Love that idea.

TadStones: I don't know that I'd rethink characters but tell their stories with more personality. Character arcs and what not. But still going for the gags.

TadStones: Basically it'd be something not often done which would be part of the fun.

Malarity mod: Nemzit wants to know about Negaduck being the guardian of NegaGos. I assume with lack of continuity there's no specific story for this

aaron_sparrow: One of the things I loved about DWD was that there was a real sense of threat, yet you could still have him do the accordian bit when something fell on him, or have him break the fourth wall

Malarity mod: But it is rather curious that he has his own Gosalyn. And such a sweet little girl too

TadStones: Archaia Press which puts out MouseGuard is rereleasing Ben Caldwell's DARE DETECTIVES. Crazy ideas, non-stop action. I'd love to do it as a show and to get some of that flavor into Darkwing.

aaron_sparrow: I'm going to have to check that out.

TadStones: You are correct about the continuity thing.

aaron_sparrow: I know a lot of the guys at Archaia, they're a great group

TadStones: Questions about the comics?

Malarity mod: actually yes I do believe there is one here, let me grab it

TadStones: Did Amy leave to make dinner cuz I'm starvin.

aaron_sparrow: I hope so. Some kind of Koala steaks or whatever it is those wacky Austalians eat

aaron_sparrow: You guys might think we tease Amy, but we don't. We're afraid to. She comes from a land where eveything has "death" in it's name, and spits venom

aaron_sparrow: Even the kangaroos

aaron_sparrow: Angie's chat is lagging a bit. Please stand by...

Malarity mod: No wait. I'm just stupid

TadStones: Kangaroos are tasty.

Malarity mod: I had scrolled up and left it scrolled

Malarity mod: And was wondering why it wasn't moving

Malarity mod: A durrrrr

aaron_sparrow: Couldn't you get kangaroo meat at Jack in the Box for a while?

aaron_sparrow: Not officially, but I remember that from when I was a kid.

TadStones: I had it in Sydney at a classy restaurant. Excellent.

Malarity mod: Ryan Wynns points out that the show was based on a lot of old references like Twin Peaks, The Far Side, etc. He wants to know if the show were happening now (or the comic) what would it pay homage to?

aaron_sparrow: I want Tad to send Gosalyn to a Wizard school for a HArry Potter story. :D

TadStones: It would be much more enviornmentally sound if Australians ate roos instead of cows.

Malarity mod: Aaron - Eldritch Academy!

TadStones: Harry Potter=Hot Spells. As Malarity points out

aaron_sparrow: I'd like to do some of the current comic crossovers. I really want to do a parody of Batman Incorporated

aaron_sparrow: Twilight...

aaron_sparrow: Anything pop culture that needs mockery

TadStones: I only want that if someone who has never heard of Batman Inc or even Batman would think it funny. That was my rule on Twin Beaks.

aaron_sparrow: Let's grab a drink. We can make it happen

Malarity mod: DWOMT wants to know if you guys had theories for why Launchpad moved to St. Canard nad left Scrooge behind

TadStones: I don't have any specifics. I'd be more inclined to do original stories.

TadStones: Meanwhile Aaron and James would over rule me to do their new 52 Darkwings.

aaron_sparrow: ha ha YES

aaron_sparrow: But I agree, parody is great, but it needs to be a solid story in it's own right

TadStones: Because Darkwing lived in a cooler town.

TadStones: Higher salary?

aaron_sparrow: If we rebooted ala the new 52, I think Chronoduck would be a big part of that

TadStones: And he doesn't crash as much with DW.

Malarity mod: SadinaSaphrite wants to know who you guys think Darkwing's biggest threat is

aaron_sparrow: To change reality, you have to master time AND clockery

TadStones: Time travel is tricky but fun. I think a Dr Who running parallel would be a big part of that.

aaron_sparrow: Captain Jack Barkness?

aaron_sparrow: TERRIBLE pun

TadStones: Perhaps he's not met his biggest threat! Although seriously it will probably be when Gosalyn starts dating.

Malarity mod: Bahahaha. I'm going to have to agree with that

aaron_sparrow: I can't even imagine who Gosalyn would bring home!

Malarity mod: Speaking of dating. Were there any couples you really liked in the cartoon? Any you would have liked to do?

TadStones: Don't know but it would break Honker's heart.

Malarity mod: I think the only canon relationship we had was Darkwing and Morgana

aaron_sparrow: I wouldn't say "couples" per say, but I liked whenever Quackerjack and Megavolt teamed up

TadStones: Dating is not really popular in animation aimed at a young audience. It's not something we would have chased

Malarity mod: Perhaps it's for the best. We fans like our ships :p

TadStones: I just realized, right now, that "ships" comes from "relationships." Durrrrrrr

aaron_sparrow: I'm surprised LP doesn't have a bevy of female suitors

TadStones: Who

aaron_sparrow: Launchpad

TadStones: Who's to say he doesn't?

Malarity mod: Also Nemzit, who is Aussie, wants to add that kangaroo meat is totally good for you. So is crocodile

aaron_sparrow: lol "Launchpad After Dark"

aaron_sparrow: I think five new fanfics just started

TadStones: Comic question, Aaron.

aaron_sparrow: Sure

Malarity mod: Snark wants to know how to get started in the comics biz. Also, she wonders how you guys felt about the BOOM! Darkwing comic, the work in it,e tc

TadStones: Carl Barks and Don Rosa use to pack their pages with panels. You really got your money's worth. Stories felt more epic. What's the reason for lower panel counts? (and I do it myself)

TadStones: Snark would read all the past Aaron forum posts at the Old Haunt.

TadStones: should

aaron_sparrow: Mostly, it's a lettering concern. If you give a writer twn panels on a page, he will use them. And often, your page becomes so cluttered with dialogue, it's anightmare to edit

aaron_sparrow: ten panels, sorry

Malarity mod: Did you follow the comic all the way through, Tad? Was it all how you would've envisioned Darkwing or would you have done things differently?

aaron_sparrow: Barks and Rosa were masters at storytelling...they could get away with it. Most writers today aren't artists, and that leads to the death of editors. :D

TadStones: I only read the comics when they gave them to me. It's a personal thing. Petty, actually, that I don't pay for comics based on my own character, even though Disney owns him.

aaron_sparrow: As for the comics, normally it's not my policy to ever talk about past employers, for good or ill. There were extenuationg circumstances.

TadStones: And I tried to talk them out of the Mayor's race story line. They went ahead and did it didn't they?

Malarity mod: Yes they did

TadStones: Cause when I think of exciting superhero action, I think political campaigns!

aaron_sparrow: I'm really bothered they didn't at least send you the comics.

Malarity mod: So you haven't even read all the comics then? That's interesting. A lot of people were under the impression they all received your thumbs-up approval

aaron_sparrow: I can't type tonight. Butterfingers

TadStones: And having Morgana worry about being in danger because of DW? Did they do that too? She's a sorceress for ducks sake!

Malarity mod: Well Morgana's story changed around... I heard initially she was going to break up with Darkwing. But instead, she sacrified herself to save him, and got sucked away

TadStones: Not the later stuff. I applaud what James tried to do. I hear he saved them but I though the central premises were wrong.

aaron_sparrow: For the record, Tad, James did what he could to eliminate what you didn't like...but the plot was set in stone.

aaron_sparrow: Overall, I liked a lot of what James did in that arc, it ended up being more fun that I thought was possible.

TadStones: A Morgana sacrifice would be better than saying life is too dangerous with Darkwing.

aaron_sparrow: But yeah, I'm with you on the premise, there were much more exciting stories to be told, I think.

aaron_sparrow: If you're dating a guy who's motto is "LEt's get dangerous!" you're hardly going to be surprised that his line of work is dangerous.

aaron_sparrow: Just sayin'

Malarity mod: How did you feel about Morg being more in the "family" in the comic? She was less of a Darkwing's girlfriend and moving closer into their circle

TadStones: I think it is more interesting when you keep characters unique. Strengthen Morgana's ties with her creature feature family and their world. That gives you more stories.

Malarity mod: Hells yes. I love the Macawbers and developing their story more.

aaron_sparrow: Agreed.

Malarity mod: I'm going to guess you guys didn't come up with any explanation for why Morg's mom was missing in action

TadStones: I have no problem with her being closer but a lotta weird stuff should accompany her.

aaron_sparrow: Big shoe sale is my guess

TadStones: Huge sale. Absolutely huge. With coupons? Even bigger.

Malarity mod: Lol

aaron_sparrow: BOGO!

Malarity mod: Morg and Darkwing's offspring would make for a good spin-off I always thought

Malarity mod: With big sister Gosalyn

aaron_sparrow: I imagine Darkwing taking a lot of ulcer medication

TadStones: In the old comics they'd be nieces and nephews

aaron_sparrow: Only aunts and uncles are allowed to "couple"

Malarity mod: Disney kind of has this running theme of mothers not existing

Malarity mod: Or parents altogether missing

Malarity mod: Oh. That reminds me. Gosalyn's parents

TadStones: In features it's a story short cut.

Malarity mod: Any theories on them?

aaron_sparrow: Secret agents, killed by the Red Skull

aaron_sparrow: Wait, I'm confusing my continuities

TadStones: In comics and short subjects it's an entertainment thing.

aaron_sparrow: Um...same shoe sale?

TadStones: If you want Donald to be driven crazy by kids, how is adding a mother to that cartoon going to make it funnier?

aaron_sparrow: I think if you think about that too much, it gets depressing. No one wants to think about Huey, Dewey and Louie's parents being dead

aaron_sparrow: Or criminally neglectful!

TadStones: In the Depression, kids were often sent to live with aunts and uncles. It was a matter of who could raise them.

Malarity mod: With Gos, we at least know for sure they died.But that's pretty much it

aaron_sparrow: I'd never let my kids be babysat by someone solving a mystery, or rewriting history

TadStones: We wanted DW to have a daughter for story reasons but not to have been married or divorced.

aaron_sparrow: What's the divorce rate like in Calisota?

Malarity mod: Rachel wants to know if you guys ever hope to do a Darkwing Duck movie. And if so, would Taurus be in it.

TadStones: Bogo should be the name of a clone villain. #flashing back

aaron_sparrow: If Tad got to helm a DWD movie, I could die happy

Malarity mod: (I'm going to add that if a Darkwing Duck movie were ever possible, I could die a happy person)

aaron_sparrow: Jinx

Malarity mod: baha

TadStones: Yes I want a DW movie. I also want to sneeze golden boogers. As in boogers made of gold.

aaron_sparrow: (Writing Bogo down...)

Malarity mod: Lol. In other words, it's not much of a possibility

TadStones: I would not use Taurus Bulba in a feature.

aaron_sparrow: Maybe if you inhaled the number one dime, you could GET those boogers!

Malarity mod: New villain? Or one of the other favourites?

TadStones: He's "spyish" and I'd go superhero instead.

Malarity mod: Here's something that I've been wondering. In the fourth wall episodes, the producer of the cartoons is Thaddeus J. Rockwell

aaron_sparrow: Would you go traditional cel animation, or the CG the kids are usin' these days?

Malarity mod: Is this an obvious play on your name?

TadStones: I'd think we'd approach it from a character point of view. What is a great DW story, emotional story, that's worth a feature? Then find a villain, new or used, who would emphasize that story theme.

TadStones: I think the only chance DW has would be a CG direct to video feature. Which could be super cool.

TadStones: Yes, Thaddeus J Rockwell was a play on my name.

Malarity mod: I won't lie. I lined up a screenshot of the character next to you, in an attempt to see the similarities, lol

Malarity mod: I can safely say, your chin is not that big

aaron_sparrow: Did Rockwell have amazing hair?

Malarity mod: He did have pretty nice hair actually

TadStones: I never asked the artists to do a caricature of me although I always hoped for one.

aaron_sparrow: There you have it.

Malarity mod: Beecroft wants to know if you guys ever read the fanfiction.

TadStones: Nope.

Malarity mod: I've always wondered if there's like a rule for that among professionals? Do they have to avoid fan-related creations?

aaron_sparrow: It's best to avoid it, I think, if only because you don't want something you read getting in your subconscious and coming through your own work.

TadStones: The Disney lawyers would definitely feel that way. It's just common sense. If you read something and it comes out down the line because it's part of your subconscious, somebody is gonna sue.

TadStones: Or claim ownership.

Malarity mod: What about fanart?

aaron_sparrow: You never want to get called on the carpet because you once read a fanfic and accidentally copied Foneboneman

TadStones: There's lots of Disney fanart and fiction that is illegal. Studios intentionally turn a blind eye. It's best we do not shine a light on it.

Malarity mod: *cough*Rule34*cough*

aaron_sparrow: I looked at fanart when hiring artists for the book. That's how Jason Long and I discovered Sabrina Alberghetti

Malarity mod: Wow, so some of that fanart is actually technically ILLEGAL?

Malarity mod: It would be a pretty big waste of time to track down every single person though.

TadStones: Arguably. When it's sold or when it could be construed as confusing the ownership. Think about it. You're telling stories about characters that you don't own.

Malarity mod: Most fans usually have the sense to put a "Darkwing is copyright to Tad stones and Disney" blurb in their stuff, so I think most of 'em are covered

TadStones: If you write sex fiction with a G rated character, lawyers would say that you are harming the original property.

aaron_sparrow: One of my contacts at Disney publishing said they normally only pursue it if someone is profiting from it, or damages the brand.

Malarity mod: Really!

TadStones: BTW, I'm not a lawyer.

Malarity mod: (cue 90% of ff.net fleeing for the hills)

TadStones: See? What I said.

Malarity mod: I'm getting requests to put on another episode. You guys wanted Dry Hard?

TadStones: Go ahead.

aaron_sparrow: In that vein, while looking for reference for Gosalyn, I once forgot to turn on safesearch. I was horrified.

Malarity mod: Yeeeeeeeah.

Malarity mod: Nobody is safe. Nobody.

aaron_sparrow: I wanted to wash my eyes with fire

Malarity mod: Boy oh boy, it's time for some lobster women

Malarity mod: Even though Darkwing was mainly a cartoon with heroes and villains, I always enjoyed these domestic scenes with Drake Mallard

aaron_sparrow: The lobster women cracked me up. I wish we'd gotten more Liquidator episodes

aaron_sparrow: Is the video playing? I've got nothin'

TadStones: Gosalyn makes Darkwing more unique than a simple superhero parody.

TadStones: I'm seeing video.

aaron_sparrow: Oops. I paused it. Derp

Malarity mod: Gos is just priceless. I like how she's not your typical moralistic protagonist

aaron_sparrow: Good ol' Tom Lockjaw

aaron_sparrow: Bud Flood had terrible taste in haircuts

TadStones: Why don't you turn the chat back on. Or just have Aaron monologue. I'm going to pop off to get some dinner. I may stop back later.

TadStones: This has been fun.

Malarity mod: Alrighty. Chat is going on again!

aaron_sparrow: Thanks for joining us, Tad!

TadStones: thanks all for your continued interest.

Malarity has enabled participation in the chat room.

A special thank you to Tad Stones, Aaron Sparrow, James Silvani, and Amy Mebberson for all showing up!