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From: Doctor Slug

Doctor Slug asks:

Addressing the syndicate of villainous evil commonly (and sometimes affectionately) known as the Fearsome Five:

Phew! What a header there. Salutations, gentlemen, long time no hear! And, in some of your cases, not at all. Doctor Slug writing to you from his latest hideout outside the city. (I naturally won’t say WHERE, just in case this falls into the wrong hands. Don’t bother checking the IP address, took care of that too.) I hope all has been going well. I was beginning to worry when I saw a certain someone slip down on the most wanted list. I would be sadden if you gave up, I quite enjoy reading about your exploits!

That aside, my main reason for writing was this: the holidays are coming up! And with that, I have decided to throw yet another shindig this year. Just something to keep up the morale, you know; and maybe even spark future team ups among the dark side of the community. (It’s always pleasant to see the young people joining together for such a noble cause! Haha!) As always, there will be plenty to eat and drink. So you can always not bother to socialize, and at least get a warm festive meal.

RSVP in advance, and do let me know of all your dietary needs! Your comfort is my priority, after all.

Sincerely Sinister and Slimey.
THE Doctor Slug

Re: Slug Life

Megavolt: Dr. D! I’ve been wondering where you went, I was beginning to think you shriveled up on us, eh-heh. I’m looking forward to your party, but can I bring a date? I met this really nice fax machine a few nights ago, and I REALLY want to impress her by showing her around your new digs.

Quackerjack: OOOOH I LOVE YOUR PARTIES~! Can you get Mrs. Slug to make that smashing casserole of hers? And that delightful fruity punch! Mr. Banana Brain just came up with a new set of Knock-Knock jokes that will make him the belle of the ball! Here’s a sneak preview:

Mr. BB: Knock knock!

Quackerjack: Who’s there?

Mr. BB: Banana!

Quackerjack: Banana who?

Mr. BB: Banana split my head in half with an axe so ice creamed!

Quackerjack: Hwuahaha! Sheer comedic genius! Isn’t he just a riot?!

The Liquidator: There is a 100% guarantee that The Liquidator will be attending, no refunds! So long as Tuskerninni doesn’t overload on the punch this time and throw up inside of me. Running myself through the city’s water purification system is no way to celebrate the holidays!

Bushroot: P…p…party? You mean with other villains a..a..and girls? Well… since the rest of the guys are going, I guess I shouldn’t be such a scaredy blossom. I mean, what can possibly go wrong? Except for maybe Negaduck getting into another scuffle with Steelbeak that almost put us all on FOWL’s hit-list. Or me accidentally stepping on Malicia’s tail and nearly getting turned to kindling. And Lilliput’s ants don’t have any respect for personal boundaries.

Er… on second thought, I’ll get back to you on this whole RSVP thing.

Negaduck: Doctor Slug! Old buddy, old pal. Wouldn’t miss your little get-together for the world. How thoughtful of you to include the good ‘ol Fearsome Five. You’re just so considerate.

My dietary needs? Salt. Lots and lots of salt. In fact, why don’t you just leave out, say… an entire vat of salt? A vat made out of copper would be preferable. I have this… condition, see, and I need copper to help with my digestive needs.

Looking forward to the event. No doubt it’s going to be totally killer. Heh heh heh… hahahah… MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!

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