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From: Carmesi

Carmesi asks:

To all villains:
My name is Carmesi, the new black market business villain for St. Canard. As you know, you’re going to find my ”commercials” weekly, in case you find my stuff interesting. From blueprints of all banks or museums buildings to the most dangerous weapons you desire to get. You may contact me with the extra note you’ll find with this letter. (Each letter has a different direction.)

*Weapon of the moment*

Are you the kind of villiains who is disgusted and hates this lovey-doodle-icky day called Valentine’s Day?What would you think if love can be a weapon? Impossible? Not with our latest weapon: The Love Pistol.Each gun has with it 20 darts with a high strung love potion whom it made the victim falls madly in love with the very first one that one sees. Too cliche? Try to provoke a love triangle.This weapon is perfect to conquer a very rich person who will not think twice to give you all the money and valuable objects you desire to steal; perfect for the lonely bad guy and the gold digger.

Ask for your Love Pistol before Valentines Day and you’ll get for free a pack 10 of grenades to break hearts.

(Specially thanks to Bushroot for the help for making the love potion. A lovely evil plan by ~Maxime-Loonatic on deviantART)

Re: Love NOtion

Negaduck: A LOVE potion?! Oh HECK NO. I’ve already had my fill of love potions and it ain’t happening again! Bushbrain, you’re gonna pay for putting this on the market!

Bushroot: Eep! S…sorry boss! I didn’t know you had previous experience with love potions! Er… do you wanna talk about it?

Negaduck: Who are you, my psychiatrist?! All right doc, it’s time for some anger management featuring you as the punching bag. Stand still, this is gonna hurt reeeeal bad.

Bushroot: EYAAAAGH!

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