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From: Abby

Abby asks:

Dear Fearsome Five

I am a big fan of yours. I have so many questions to ask but I am going to try my best & keep this short.

Negaduck – You are my favorite out of the 5! Actually you are my favorite villain of all. I’m sure you know everything about Darkwing but you never use that information against him. Why not? Also were you always known as Negaduck ever since you were born or did you have another identity at 1 time? We have never seen you without your mask so I thought I’d ask. Last question do videos like this bug you?

Megavolt – I can tell you don’t like working with Drake Mallard at your job but how well did you 2 know each other in high school? Were you 2 ever friends or enemies or did you just not pay much attention to each other? Oh & this might seem kind of random but at the Petco we usually go to there use to be this big beautiful bird there named Elmo but I think they finally sold him.

Bushroot – This might seem a little crazy to you but ever since I was little I have been afraid of flowers. The movie Jumanji gave me nightmares. Its the purple flower that shoots poison that really scared me. Have you ever thought about making a flower like that? If you do be careful!

Quackerjack – In The Haunting of Mr. Bananabrain when you & Darkwing escaped you seemed kind of knocked out. Were you aware that you were in Darkwing’s hideout once you 2 were out? Another question I want to ask you is have you ever heard of the online Disney game Toontown? I have been trying to put together Toontown versions of the Fearsome Five & so far the others were easy but you are kind of hard. I am not sure what color to make you. White is not an available color. I know you don’t like video games but I’m sure making a Quackerjack in Toontown would make it a lot better.

Liquidator – I don’t really have a question for you but I do think you are awesome!

Thanks for taking time out of your evil schedule

Re: Dear Abby

Negaduck: Maybe I know, maybe I don’t. I ain’t tellin’. Alls I’m gonna say is that I was born baaaaaad to the bone, baby.

Do me a favor and make more videos of me punching Darkwing. Repeatedly.

Megavolt: Drake Mallard was a nudnik even in high school! A really weird one too. I didn’t really bother with him, we ran in different social circles.

Bushroot: I can’t blame you, that’s one fierce flora! The thought never occurred to me, but I have created some similar specimens.

Quackerjack: Darkwing has a hide-out?! Huh. That explains a lot of things… hee! And me… in a video game? Blasphemy! I say you make a cardboard diorama of this “Toon Town” and use that instead!

The Liquidator: Admiration is always appreciated!

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