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Story Notes:

There are something's Drakey didn't quite understand, like where the water goes after you flush a toilet or why people feel the need to give others money on the side of the road when if they didn't do anything to deserve it.
But moving? it was puzzling, they had a perfectly good house in Florida! so why move to a stupid stinking city?!
it was one of the 7 mysteries of the world.

Drakey sighed crossing his arms and pouting, 'why?' he thought. 'WHY WHY WHY WHY!'
Matias Mallard; his father, had supposedly got a new job here, in this place. The boy gagged, it smelt like carbon and dioxide, not sweet citreous fruit growing on their orchard, there was no vast landscapes of bare fields, only.... concrete buildings.

he couldn't stay here, he couldn't live here. Drakey panicked slightly looking frantically for a way out of this nightmare and back to his dream in the south.

"Drakey?" he looked up at the sure of the voice, Lora his mother. She didn't deserve this, she didn't deserve to be here! she was perfect in every way, with bright red hair, freckles and a black beauty mark on her beak, even if it was a mole.

"mommy I want to go home!" he blurted out, breath heavy. I cant breath here, We're going to DIE here!"
the women waved her hand, dismissing his outburst.
"nonsense Drake, this is our new home!"
he stopped, they were parked against a curb by a large old building, labeled police. "WE'RE GOING TO JAIL?!"

Lora chuckled when her son clutched his suit case protectively. Drakey was only five, born in Florida, raised in Florida. Now all he knew was behind him, and he was having a panic attack because of that loss. "baby boy" her voice was soothing, "its ok to be scared!"
that didn't help, instead he pulled out a blanket draping it over his quivering body.

Her body stuttered, unsure of what to do, she kept glancing from the Police station to her son, Pleading Matias to finish his crap and come back. Lora sighed in relief as her husband walked out muttering to himself. kicking the crumbling piles of fall leaves.

He got into the corvette slamming the door and grumbling curses under his breath. Lora grabbed his arm motioning towards the boy. "What?!" He spat narrowing his brows, slamming his key into the ignition. "Your son had a panic attack while your were gone!"
Maria's rolled his eyes, turning on then engine.
"He's fine."
With that they drove off, towards the suburbs.
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