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Story Notes:
well this was an original short i used in SIMPLE SHORTS but i think i need to write more on this topic.

Everything is the same but reversed.
Author's Chapter Notes:
first character from simple shorts.
"I need to talk to a florist!"

" calling orthodontist."


Negaduck exclaimed slamming the phone into his pocket, Doctor Bell had decided to improve the device while he was out on a crime, screwing the voice control and touchpad.

He groaned and shifted his shirt blue collar.

"maybe if you just not leave your stuff where people can snatch it you wouldn't have this problem!"

Splatter Phoenix told him while washing off her brushes in the fairly clean S.H.U.S.H. washroom with extra paint slurping down the drain.

the black haired women glared at him through the mirror eyeing his outfit.

"why are you wearing a blue and black police uniform.

"Its not a police uniform."

The hero sighed running a hand through his hair.

"Gander thinks it would be a more friendly take for the public when I'm doing a case. Makes them feel safer."

"it really stands out with your slim figure."
the artist chuckled when Negaduck blushed angrily.

"don't tread on me!" he shouted and stomped off out of the room.

"i've been meaning to ask you why a florist?"



J.G. Hooter nodded arms folded before him.

As you know she has recently left this facility and became a criminal.

"and she's working with Dorkwing?"

more nodding,

"Its times like these that we cant afford to lose any agents, with the criminal populace growing there's no telling what could happen, already there have been Dinosaurs Robbing Banks!"

Negaduck rubbed his chin. "so flowers are the answer?"
Gander shook his head, stress gleaming in his eyes.

"i could always talk to her."

The man looked at him curiously.

"see i can call her up!"
the red head took out his phone which exploded lightly in his hand smoke excelling from the screen.

Hooter waved his hand. "forget it, what about your daughter?"

"well she's at home in the negaverse right now..."

"bring her. i think it could be a good learning experience."

"if she wants too, Josalyn has a whole missing school thing she hates."

"tell her it's extra credit."

"I guess."

The smaller man shrugged it off, reviewing Negaduck's past case.

They shook hands and J. Gander excused the agent from his office sending the Man home for the day.


"Missing school is one thing dad but going into the prime universe? I don't think that's a good idea."

Josalyn said looking down at her dolls.

Negaduck sat down beside her on the sofa playing with her hair softly.

"come on you've been there before it'll be fun."

"ya but very one thinks that i'm that one girl"

"not everyone, people at S.H.U.S.H know your not.. that girl.."

he grabbed one of her ponies.

"pwease come to de prime universe!" he said mimicking the horse's voice.

she giggled and hugged him.

"ok i guess."

Negaduck smiled at her and wrapped his arms around the girl.
Chapter End Notes:
i feel like this on is better than the other stories.

Also Kudos to whoever can tell me who 'that girl' is!
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