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Story Notes:
first story on this site I haven't seen and of the pirate au so why not!
Author's Chapter Notes:
takes place in England or whatever kingdom king Muddlefoot rules

I finished this but then the WiFi died...... Now I have to rewrite it 😨😢
they were lined at a large oak table, people screaming crying and throwing up all over the crew of sailors that sat there patiently as they awaited the trial. Bushroot was seated next to Their captain Negaduck,who cocked a brow at the shaking green duck.

"quit it your making the table shake." Negaduck said and kicked the sailor in the knee. Bushroot whimpered, rubbing his leg were a brush was forming.

"well you seem offally relax why so calm hmmm?" Quackerjack leaned over across Megavolt's lap staring at the captain with large eyes.

" Unlike you knobs I have nothing to worry about." a sly smile crept onto his beak and the jester retreated.

" all rise for the judge!" a white duck said with yellow and grey wig and all white features.

everyone scrambled up to their feet except the pirates who were chained down.

murmurs echoed through the crowd as the judge came in wearing a large white wool towel with a hole cut in the top for her head. beneath the makeshift poncho she wore a sparkly pink dress that was unevenly cut a the skirt.

she struggled to gut into the black leather chair and had to stand in it to see over her desk.

"hola Esto es España, que me gusta comer papas fritas!" a jury came up and whispered in her ear correcting her, she nodded and turned to the crowd.

" hello! I am the Judge man butts the Josalyn! and i will be the decision maker of the fates of the amazing pirate captain Negaduck and his crap crew.!"

Negaduck snickered and his group rolled their eyes. Josalyn had found the wooden mallet and hit the desk and threw it across the courtroom hitting a young boy in the face. "opps" the young teen said and fixed her poncho.

She pointed to the prisoners and yelled


Her father groaned and rubbed his temples in frustration.

"Not guilty...."


Josalyn grabbed the head of the jury beside her and banged his head down like her long lost mallet. (Which was currently stuck in the boy's eye)

She threw off her poncho reveling a black shirt with the words 'The Magic Morgana' painted on with white paint.

Negaduck snickered and grabbed his genuine sword from its sheath and broke his crews restrains.

"Let's get our asses out of here!" Megavolt yelled and ran out of the court room.

Negaduck grabbed Josayln by her foot and but her over his shoulder as they all ran out from red and white clothed soldiers shot at them with large rifles.

"Did I do OK?" She asked bouncing up and down.

Negaduck stopped when Quackerjack and the liquidator took out two sweet old women blocking the exit. "Ehh, well I hadn't been there to save your ass we'd all have been jerkey."

Josalyn giggled at the mention of the meat. "Jerkey."

They made their way into the city's mainstreet were the locals were upholding a farmers market.

As the pirates ran through they would flip off young children and elders making them cry or rip off their shirts in madness.

Chapter End Notes:
hello is this Spain? I like to eat fries!

I call Nega-Gosalyn Josalyn to decrease confusion with my brain.
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