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Welcome to the new and improved fanfiction section of This area is now officially user-controlled. Much like, you can create an account and submit your fanfiction at your leisure. You can also read and write reviews, and favourite the stories of other authors.

A few rules before you submit your fanfiction:

- Stories must be related to the Darkwing Duck universe.
- Stories starring a fan character are permitted, so long as the fan character is connected to the DWD universe.
- No adult 18+ fanfiction is permitted.
- Slash fiction is welcome.

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First challenge
Our first fic challenge is up! Go and check it out.

Also, don't you just dig the new layout? You can thank TheLetterQ for creating two new DWD skins, which you can select on the left hand side. Enjoy!

--Malicia on February 18, 2011 9:08 pm 7 Comments