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Stephanie Tetch Mallard

Basic Infocrimsonsteph

Alias: The Crimson Cat

Fearsome Alias: Sparky*

Real Name: Stephanie Tetch Mallard

Nicknames: Well, Steph., Stepharuny, Stephy, Tetch, little Green*lucky*

Age: 10

Species: Cat-Meow

Occupation: Student, Daughter, Crime Fighter, toy maker

Drake Mallard- Adopted Father
Launchpad McQuack – Friend
Lucky Dearly -Friend, then Boyfriend
Eleanor- Friend
QuackerJack- Friend, Work partner, playmate

Super powers: No SUPER powers but skills: Archery, Fencing *still learning*, Toy Making, Math and Science, and being lazy

Weaknesses: Isn’t immortal, can still be physically and mentally hurt. Just a kid means making mistakes and talking herself into trouble

*Story: Stephanie knows Megavolt through Eleanor and she encounters him a lot. When she meets the entire Fearsome Four, Steph manages to get dubbed the 6th Tiny Fearsome member. Her fast wit and skills, and Megavolt influence, QJ’s fun nicknames they call her Sparky.

Personality (click to expand)


Kind, eccentric, tom boy-ish, inventive and lively. Stephanie is generally sweet, aiming to please most of the time. She is smart and fun creating her love of toy making, that also spawns from being a QJ fan. Steph knows when to fight and isn’t afraid to say something, but knows also when to keep her mouth shut.

Since she was kept in Stephanie had to keep her mind sharp. Reading and learning were huge parts of her day, from such a young age her math and science skills were developed. Creating a little prodigy, all her books turned into physical work. Loving toys and modeling her own after QJ’s, Stephanie used her skills to create her own monstrous toys and weapons.

Stephanie doesn’t like being bullied and will fight. Hates being left home when her dad goes out and sneaks along most of the time. She is very understanding and caring, so if you hit it right she can be suckered with a sap story. According to Eleanor and her dad Steph is a very lively and optimistic girl who like any kid doesn’t like to keep her room clean or do the dishes (Ends up doing them for her dad anyway).

At first she was very very unselfish, But time and love has rubbed Drake and Darkwing’s Ego to Stephanie. She may not be as egotistical as her dad but she does show some of his qualities.


Biography (click to expand)


Abandoned at birth, Stephanie Tetch (given name) lived in the same orphanage till she was 9. Having limited living room her mind was the only thing free to wander without limits. So from a young age she played with math, science, and inventing, becoming very good. Still a child, she always wanted a dad, or mom, a real family. Hearing of Darkwing Duck Stephanie took him as her hero and secretly a fan of him.

Walking to the orphanage from a rare free walk, a jewelry store is robbed and Stephanie stayed in hopes of seeing Darkwing in person. This stunt ends with her being held by Taurus Bulba, being used as a hostage against DW. Stephanie: 1.) did not liking being used, and 2.) hated being held up like a pillow by him. She called names, kicked and even turned a bomb on him. DW swiftly took her away to the Tower to keep safe just in case Taurus held grudges….Which he did. During her time with Darkwing both grew to like each other, and Steph found her real hero, Darkwing found what was worth protecting.

After the ordeal Stephanie sat back on the orphanage bed, sad, worried and lonely again. When she finds a possible parent is really Darkwing’s alter-ego Drake mallard, there to adopt her! Stephanie is instantly happy and ready to go.

Now in school ready to learn more, make friends, and fight crime!