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Stellar Mallard

Basic Info

Alias: Stellar, Agent Mallard, Mr. Mallard
Real Name: (Nega) Stellar Eider Mallard
Nickname(s): Old Man, Dapper Don
Age: 60s
Species: Duck
Occupation: Undercover Agent, Double Agent, Villain

Father of Negaduck (Nega Drake Mallard)
Widower of Ana Mallard (neé Di Lengo)
Enemy of Gosalyn Mallard
Enemy of Darkwing Duck (Drake Mallard)
Tormentor/Abuser of Christine (NegaGosalyn)

Special Abilities: Proficiency with firearms, superior marksmanship

Psychopath, Arrogant/Prideful, Blinding Rage, Former Alcoholic, Spiteful, Stubborn, Violent, Late-Blooming Criminal


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Manipulator, Suave, Intelligent, Convincing, Persuasive, Subtle, Controlled, Prefers psychological to physical fights.


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Born to a middle class family, Stellar’s mother controlled every aspect of his life while his father demanded nothing but the best from him. Stellar rose to their expectations and was naturally drawn to leadership roles. But, with his parents having such strong personality types themselves, Stellar quickly discovered that he had to be more stealthy when he was gaining control; secrecy and manipulation became his most used tools. He ran for his high school government and won, soon finding that he took to politics easily, thus making it his career goal.

Having graduated college with a degree in political science, he ran for Mayor of St. Canard and won the nomination despite his young age. He began running St. Canard from Capital Hill, passing laws and regulations to suit his own needs.

Impressing the local mafia with how quickly he’d come to power, the godfather approached Stellar at a gala one night and introduced him to his daughter, Ana. The couple hit it off right away. Stellar was introduced to more and more of mafia life as he progressed in his relationship with Ana. When he married her, Stellar became not only the most powerful politician running St. Canard, but also was in line to inherit the mafia’s business when Ana’s father passed on.

It wasn’t long after his marriage to Ana that the two became parents to Drake. Ana coddled their son and loved him dearly, which caused Stellar to grow jealous over time, wanting all of Ana’s affection for himself. He began drinking heavily and bullied Drake, eventually leading to physical and emotional abuse of his child. Ana, soft-spoken and loathing confrontation, tried to protect Drake as much as she could, but only found she also became a target of Stellar’s malice when she did so.

When Ana died of an aggressive form of cancer, Stellar began drinking more heavily and fell in deeper with the mafia. He became a staple in the political and criminal worlds, running the city completely. As Drake grew up, he expressed interest in criminal activity and started pulling off small crimes, which Stellar violently beat him for. According to Stellar, “When you commit a crime, I should never know about it.” Ashamed of his son’s lack of criminal finesse, he disinherited Drake, claiming he could never have a place in the mafia with his “shoot first and ask questions later” mentality.

As Drake began his high school career, he adopted the name “Negaduck” and began committing crimes around the city, always with his signature bang. Stellar and the mafia confronted Negaduck, attempting to gain some control over the boy or eliminate him from their circle. But Negaduck had planned for such an event and had set up explosives all along the street. Within one night, Negaduck killed off the entire mafia.

Stellar, having barely escaped from his son’s violent outburst, went into hiding while Negaduck destroyed the city, killing off any remaining members of the mafia and sending the town swirling into chaos. Negaduck emerged as Lord of the Negaverse, quickly taking control of the crime syndicate and he lost no time in putting a price on Stellar’s head. Having no other choice, Stellar ran. He discovered the connection between the Negaverse and the prime universe and managed to escape there.

He became an agent of S.H.U.S.H., convincing everyone of his allegiance when he described his loathing of Negaduck and anything the Masked Menace stood for. Stellar made a name for himself as an agent, quickly becoming one of their best undercover operatives. He doesn’t really support S.H.U.S.H., but has aligned himself with the agency because of his hatred of Negaduck and his desire to take down his son. Now, all he wants is to take down other criminal organizations to find out information about Negaduck, desperate to murder his son and take the Negaverse back once and for all.

Other Info

Meyers Briggs — ENTJ
Alignment — Lawful Evil

Just like Darkwing and Negaduck, there is another version of Stellar who is Darkwing’s father. However, the prime version of Stellar is dead, leaving the Negaverse version as the only living parent to either Darkwing or Negaduck.

Stellar’s Eider is a species of duck, which is where his name came from.


Character created by and belongs to RebellingStagnation.