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Basic Info

Alias: Questionable
Real Name:  Bill Monty
Nicknames: Faceless Guy, Que, Billy
Birthday:  February 13
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Gender: Male

Hypothetical voice actor: Leonard Nimoy

Age: 28

Height: About half a head taller than Darkwing

Species: Duck

Occupation: Hero, detective, ex-cop


Darkwing Duck – A fellow crime fighter. Although, he has very little respect for him. He Finds his ego tiresome, and thinks he might be a little over his head.

Morgana MaCawber- Because of reasons mentioned later on, Questionable is very prejudice towards magic types. He thinks they can’t be trusted.

Mai Pipple- Love interest. Owns the local bakery “Mai’s Pies”.

Commissioner Wally West- ex partner. And Questionable’s connection to the police.


Special Abilities:
-very high intellect
-some skills with fighting
-different kinds of colored gasses. Used more to frighten than to harm.

-He IS mortal. Bill can be hurt exactly the same way DW or Launchpad could.
– too independent. Has trouble depending on others.
– prejudice towards witches, mages, warlocks, and magic in general.
-too curious. Sometimes he will risk great danger merely to find out the answer to his questions.
-Out of touch with his humanity. Since the incident, he feels very disconnected with existence. He feels like he is a stranger in his own body.
– lots of pent up anger. Can explode at times.
– smokes. More as a comfort and habit, than being able to.

Pet Peeve:
-Not getting answers.
-Feeling unsure about a person or a situation
-people with narcissist tendencies.

Personality (click to expand)


Cool. Collect. Bill Monty is a guy with a million thoughts on his mind at once. Questions that need answers. The biggest one of them all: Why? Why do people feel the need to hurt others? Why does crime exist? Why did it happen to him? His views on justice are very black and white. You are either good, or you are evil. You either help, or you hinder. There is no common ground. He can understand WHY you did something, but he still finds you in the wrong.

He is also very intelligent. He is able to put together conclusions from the tiniest clues. Questionable is also very independent. He finds it hard to depend and trust others. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. He is also very loyal and honorable. But when he lets you in, it hurts much more to lose them or be betrayed by them.


Biography (click to expand)


questionableBill Monty was once an average duck. He grew up from a long line of policemen. His father was a police officer. His Grandfather was a police officer.  And so on, and so forth. Law, order, and justice ran through his veins.

So it surprised no one when he got into the academy, and was soon after on the force.

Billy was a hard working duck. He spent many of his hours on a case. Nothing else mattered but the answers. Who was responsible? Why did this happen? What made a man become so desperate to do this? His life was full of questions. And boy, did he need answers.
He was also a duck of logic. Monty grew up with a world of science. Religion had its place, just like fairy tales had theirs. Religion was a way of comfort, and a way to pass down morals. Same with tales of magic and witches. Little Girls should be wary of strange wolves and persons while out and about. Don’t be fooled by sweets from old ladies who want to eat you.

Or at least, they WERE just stories.

Bill was just doing his job. Same ol’ same ol’. He and his partner, Wally, were on patrol of the city for the night.  They had stopped to get coffee, when they got a call over the radio. Robbery at Fort and Maple. They weren’t far away, and were the ones to get there first. The place was a Magic Shop. Billy didn’t believe in magic. It was just a shop for young wannabe wiccans who thought they finally found a group where they could fit in. Probably just some dumb kids trying to get some wild kicks.

He was wrong.

Officer Monty went in first, quiet as he could, taking in the situation. He heard noise in the other room. Bill signaled to Wally, and made their way to that direction. He peeked into the room.

What he found made him wide eyed. This…this thing wasn’t normal. It looked part kangaroo, part alligator, and part rat. It continued to search through charms and items, finding what it needed. It threw what it wasn’t looking for all over the room.

Well, whatever it was, needed to be stopped.  And while Monty was trying to think up a plan, partner West acted. He jumped out of hiding and held up his gun.


It all happened so fast. Before Bill knew what was happening, the creature spun around and roared. It raised its arms out and clenched his fist. Wally grabbed for his chest. He cried in pain. The creature began to raise his arm, and the office was raised off the floor.

He acted.

“Drop him!”

He did more than that, he threw him across the room, and into me. We fell to the floor. He went back to the chest, apparently found what he was looking for, and ran.

Wally was out cold. Checking to make sure he was breathing first, the duck ran after the monster. He had to bring it to justice. And he had to know what it was, and how it did that to his partner.

He chased it by foot. It wasn’t as fast as Bill thought it would be. But darn it, it still made him break into a sweat. Monty cornered it, pulling out his gun.

He should have said “freeze”.

“…What are you?”

Human nature got the better of him.

The creature spun around, and surprised the duck once more. A deep husky voice escaped it.

“You’re more persistent than most ducks.”

“That wasn’t an answer.”

“No, it was a compliment.”

The officer was frustrated.

“Fine. You’re still under arrest. Whatever you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

The creature smiled.

“You’re fun. But sadly, our game must end. ”

A portal began to swirl around it. Garbage tossed and turned through the air, as a sudden wind surrounded them both.  As the creature began to disappear through it, Monty reacted. He jumped and grabbed onto the creature.

Big mistake.

Bill found himself in a tunnel of light and colors, as he continued to hold on. The creature seemed to have had enough and back handed him into the vortex.

Bill screamed and cried in anguish, as he suddenly felt himself being twisted and torn by this tunnel. He felt like he was in a giant bowl of soup, and he was a noodle. And he was being spun around and around by the spoon of fate. He was drowning in the colors. Downing in the light. His face burned.

Then there was nothing. No light. Not color. No noise.

He didn’t know when he had stopped screaming. He didn’t realize he had passed out from the pain.

Officer Bill awoke to the calm and southing sound of water hitting shore. He awoke to find himself alone on some beach, on some island. He had no idea where he was.  His face hurt. He got up and stumbled to the water, his plan to drown out the hot burning pain with cool water.  He did just that. But when he opened his eyes to see his reflection in the water…
He was horrified by what he saw. Only then did he realize…

“Where the hell is my face?!”

Bill placed his hand to where his mouth used to be. Nothing.  Eyes? Nothing. It was so smooth and so blank.

Then how could he see? How could he breathe? How was he living?

Those weren’t as important as:

Where was he?

Bill spent two years on that island. Two years of self-discovery. He had learned that he didn’t need to eat or drink to live. Was he immortal?

No. He still bled. He could still be injured.

So he was just living until something happened to him.

Finally, he was able to escape the island. He had built a raft from items on the island. And he paddled. He paddled and paddled and paddled. What had he to lose? He didn’t need food, he didn’t need water. Just sleep from time to time. It took months, but finally he hit land.

After that, it didn’t take much travel back home.  Hitching rides here and there. Finally, he made it back to Saint Canard. He should go to his family, yes?

Wrong. Logically, it made no sense. He had been gone for so long. Surely they thought he was dead. Most of his possessions in his home probably went to his family. Besides, how was he to explain this? Would they treat him every bit as foreign as he had that creature so many years ago?


He had some questions for him. Many. It would answer to justice.

Bill went to one of his storage facilities he had. There was a lock on the chain. No matter, he needed no key. He broke it open anyway. In there were clothes and goods. He dressed himself, as he began to decide what the next task was.

Bill formed a new identity for himself. He was no longer anything recognizable to what he once was. He had no idea what he was anymore. And from that logic, sprung his new identity.  As he donned his fedora and coat, so did he a new name. From then on, he was….Questionable.

no_pieFuture Happenings:

-his main goal it to find the creature that did this to him. However, his is a law man by nature. He feels it is his duty to help the citizens just as much as it is to help himself. His goal might be a main priority, but he would not let injustice walk free. So it has become a bit common for him and Darkwing to bump into each other.

Neither like it.

– Commissioner West is one of the few people who know it’s really Bill. And because he also feels that he owes him his life, he keeps Questionable in the loop. He is the eyes and ears of the inner working of the police department. He also asks for help on missions the police can’t handle. Where SHUSH has Darkwing, the Police have Questionable.

– Questionable was hurt during a fight with some criminals, and was left unconscious in an alley way. Mai Pipple owns the bakery next to it. She was taking the trash out when she spotted him. She took him inside and cleaned him up and bandaged him. He finds her pretty, naturally, but he considers her a riddle too. Why did she help him? She had no gain. It was the nice thing to do, she says. It was the RIGHT thing to do. She helps him rediscover his humanity.

It is not a perfect relationship. Questionable is a loner type, while Mai tends to crave companionship. She wants to help him. She wants to know him. He doesn’t let in others easily. The Pie maker doesn’t understand when the Questionable goes missing. The duck leaves just as suddenly as he comes. He finds her emotional needs to be stifling. Both need plenty of space to grow in unexpected directions. But with willingness and time, a bond will form.