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Mercredi McCawber

Basic Info

Alias: Mercredi

Real Name: Dr. Mercredi Viernes McCawber

Nicknames: Mer

Age: 20’s

Species: Duck

Occupation: Witch; arachnologist


Count Duckula (husband)
Morgana McCawber (sister)
Ariana McCawber (sister)

Super powers: Well, she’s a witch, but nothing too out of the ordinary for one. She likes to keep them hidden from her colleagues too.

Weaknesses: She doesn’t like confrontation, and doesn’t like to take sides in disagreements. She’s a little too sympathetic to the Normals according to some members of her family. She also is so fascinated by spiders she’s likely to drop anything she’s doing to investigate should the issue arrive.

Other info: Her animal familiar is (of course) a spider named Homer, who is Archie’s brother. She raises prize-winning pumpings in her spare time. I don’t know why she decided to go and marry Count Duckula.

Appearance: She’s built a lot like Morgana, though about a head shorter. She has black hair with a widow’s peak also much like her sister’s, though she often wears it down, or pulled back (not the beehive Morgana wears). She always has two wispy braids on either side of her face. She can be seen either in a gray witch-like dress, or in a lab coat.

Personality (click to expand)


She is good natured and kind, but seen as a bit eccentric by both the monsters and the normals. She’s scientific- and a bit absent-minded, and probably slightly off her rocker. Very loyal.


Biography (click to expand)


As a child, Mercredi didn’t seem too out of the ordinary for a McCawber, though she always was sweet-natured. She loved gloomy, spooky things, decapitating her dolls, growing prize-winning pumpkins, and playing with spiders — the latter of the two of which stayed with her to adulthood. She spent her time mainly with her two older sisters when they were around, pining away to join them at Eldritch Academy the two years she was left behind.

The death of her mother at age 7 left her traumatized, and it changed the dynamic of her immediate family forever. As a result, Mercredi began to withdraw from them, becoming more and more gloomy as she approached her teenage years. She was still closest to her sisters, but not as close as they once were. Mercredi spent more time alone now still emotionally trying to come to grips with her mother’s death. It bothered her that the only other one who seemed upset over it was Ariana, who was attending a different school than she. It was during this time that Mercredi really developed her interest in spiders, an interest which resulted in being the one thing to help her through her depression.

As her time at Eldritch Academy came to an end, Mercredi was finally beginning to come out of her shell and had regained her old sweet disposition. Though her family had high hopes for her in the monster world, Mercredi had decided that she wanted nothing more than to study spiders. It was Morgana who recommended she attend St. Canard University, which had a program dedicated to arachnology. So, much to her father’s chagrin, she applied and moved to St. Canard when she was accepting, joining both her sisters who were already there.

Once there, Mercredi quickly moved her way through the program, and ended with a doctorate on the subject. She then took a job in the field at the university, thus spending her time split between St. Canard and living among species of spiders in the wilderness as research. Mercredi quickly became known for her achievements, and was often interviewed and included in documentaries.

On a personal level, Mercredi had to learn to adjust to life in the normal world, a feat made easier with the help of other members of her family in the city. She chose to try to keep her powers a secret from all but a select few of the normals, afraid that it might turn any against her and prevent her from doing what she so fondly dreamed of. She seemed to come across as normal enough to most, if a bit eccentric, but sometimes she did strike a creepy cord with them. Mercredi also got to know her sister Morgana’s boyfriend, the city’s own super hero Darkwing Duck, along with his family and closest friends. She began to develop an interest in Darkwing’s sidekick, Launchquack McQuack, but unfortunately the relationship did not pan out as she had hoped it might.

About a month after things ended with Launchpad, Mercredi got wind of the fact that Count Duckula was in town, a vampire who was famous in her home of Translyvania, but had never personally met until then. The two eventually hit it off, bonding over their similar backgrounds. They eventually married, and Mercredi spent her time between her job and family in St. Canard, and with her husband and his servents in Castle Duckula. Here she spends her time going along with his many misadventures, avoiding the butler’s many plots to turn them evil, Dr. von Goosewing’s many attempts to assassinate them both, and any vases the nanny may somehow lose grip of.