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Keleen Vanderchill

Basic Info

Alias: Code Name: Agent Frostbite

Name: Keleen Estella Vanderchill

Nicknames: Chilly-Willy, Kel-Bell, Kelly

Age: 28

Species: Half Duck/Half Vulture.

Occupation: Secret Agent of F.O.W.L., works at St. Canard Aquarium as a public front

Family: Isis Vanderchill (mother),  F.O.W.L. High Commander Jerold (father)

Friends: Brogan Woodward-Hooter, Malicia McCawber, Celeste Mallard

Enemies: Steelbeak, Ammonia Pine, S.H.U.S.H. and all it’s Agents.

Marital status: Involved with Agent Javert Adair

Appearance: White plumage, ice blue eyes, dark red hair (the color of dried blood) with white streaks in the front. Several black tribal tattoos down her sides. Tends to wear fingerless gloves. Her Vulture heritage doesn’t show except for the sharpness of her features.

Distinguishing Features (scars, markings, etc.): has a dragon tattoo on one arm and wavy tattoos down either flank.

Super powers (if any): She has the power to create and manipulate ice.

Weaknesses: Can’t handle the heat very well.

Other info: Her pet or perhaps sidekick is a better word? Is Undertow, a tiny miniature mutated tiger shark she tends to take to and from headquarters with her.

Likes: Gore, blood, freezing things, target practice, being evil, hanging out with Javert

Dislikes: Being labeled a freak, someone pushing her around because of her gender or age, Steelbeak when he tries to hurt her beloved.

Hobbies/Pastimes: Hand to hand combat practice, training with various weapons, dating one of FOWL’s most feared agents

Theme song(s): “Kissed by a Rose” – Seal

Hypothetical voice actor: Amanda Seyfried


Personality (click to expand)


Quiet for the most part and very observant. Kel likes to size things up before jumping in. She tends to keep to herself though she can work well in teams. She can come off as remarkably chilly upon first impression, but warms up to you slowly.


Biography (click to expand)


The daughter of Isis Vanderchill, the Ice Queen of Saint Canard and a member of F.O.W.L. High Command, Jerold.

After winning Miss St. Canard Beauty Queen 6 years in a row it had all gone to her selfish mother’s head and she started squandering her fortune left and right on experimental surgeries to freeze her “perfect face” in order to prevent the effects of aging and ended up freezing her blood instead. However before that happened she found some less than scrupulous doctors willing to work on a pregnant woman and Keleen was the result.

Her father left her and tried to get custody of Keleen but no one believed him. Thus Keleen suffered the upbringing of a future beauty pageant star and was starved, abused, and pushed for perfection by her mother till she ran away at age 12. She spent the years till she hit 17 as a homeless girl, studying when she could and working as a dishwasher until by chance she happened into the organization of FOWL and found her father.

Her potential as an agent soon became apparent and she has since been climbing in the ranks and attracted the attention of fellow agent, Javert Adair. She tends to wear a punkish style, has various tattoos and piercing. Her love interest is the enemy of Steelbeak, Javert J. Adair, the roguishly handsome son of High Commander Juno.