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Basic Info inflatabelleprofile

Alias: Inflatabelle
Real Name: Millie Barr
Nicknames: Caucha, Tubby
Age: 26
Species: Duck, now Rubber Duck
Occupation: Reluctant Hero

Has very few friends and even fewer romantic interests. No luck in love.

Special Abilities:

After an industrial accident she was changed into a hollow rubber duck.
Can inflate to enormous sizes or collapse perfectly flat.
Bullet proof and puncture resistant, however can be pierced if she’s stretched far enough.
Poisons have no effect on her but she can be drugged.


Her ego, or lack thereof. Sees herself as a horrible monster and loathes herself, rendering her mostly ineffectual as a crime fighter.
An alcoholic that drinks copious amounts of booze that would kill a normal person. Drinks it to keep her mind at ease. Without it she is prone to panic attacks that drive her to hyperventilate and over inflate.
Can be exploded if inflated too far. Her maximum size is roughly twice the size of a large parade balloon (can vary according to the needs of the story).

Personality (click to expand)


A grumpy, self loathing drunk with guilt issues.


Biography (click to expand)


Was an active, positive extreme sport loving girl before her accident, with dreams of being a rescue blimp pilot. Pursued her dream despite her parents hopes she would join the family business of being a meteorologist like them.

Got a part time job as a safety inspector at the Wellyear Tire factory to pay for pilot training. She was daydreaming on a cat walk over the vulcanizing vats when a it gave way and she plunged into the chemicals below. After returning home she began to develop rubber powers, much to her dismay. Her condition worsened and she eventually became a literal hollow balloon.

The accident and recovery time prevented her from obtaining her pilots license,  killing her dream.

She slipped into a deep depression and began to drink to calm her powers. She left home in disgrace and crawled into the bottle where she’s been since.