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Elastic Duck

Basic Info

Alias: Elastic Duck (Pato Elastico in Spain)

Real name: In the past his real name was Emilio Oliver Lucas Cuesta; but before to an incident that he ends to work with S.H.U.S.H. he changes his name for Cole Ducktez.

Nicknames: Rubber Duck, brown duck

Age: 24

Species: Duck

Occupation: Hero/S.H.U.S.H.


Darkwing Duck- They supposed to be allies but they end up arguing between each other, that even villains doubt about it; but when they work together, they are able to focus in their crimefighting work.

Launchpad – He’s neutral with him.

Carmesi- Arch-nemesis, and the single woman who hates the most in the universe.

Superpowers: His entire body it’s like rubber, he can stretch, expand and compact he’s body in a flexible way. He can also change his own body (like a self-costume). He’s proof of bullets, electric shock and bombs…

Weakness: with cutting items like knifes or axes, then he’s vulnerable. Another weakness he’s got is that his superpower can go against to him; like get tangled by his enemies or get frozen.


Personality (click to expand)


He’s a self-confident and brave brown duck with American origins but raised in Spain since his childhood. He likes good music, flirting with pretty ladies and also has fun when he gets the chance. The mix of afro American/Spanish culture makes him a very attractive and irresistible duck. Yet, sometimes he can be a bit overreacting.


Biography (click to expand)


cole_ducktezBack in Spain, when Cole was Emilio, he get many troubles in the school for his nationality and feather color with his classmates. In the high school he started to being a crook, when his studies ends he get involved with serious robberies of weapons and chemicals materials. In an incident in a nuclear factory where he was part of a plan to get uranium, the police crash the place, and between the escape Emilio was pushed into a tank of chemical waste by his no named criminal ”girlfriend”.

He survived but his entire body was too much soft like paste; he was under the Spanish S.H.U.S.H., where he decided to tell them all what he knows about the group who he was working with, and then he decided to join them.

At the 20 years, he started to crimefighting in his country under the alias of ”Pato Elastico”, frustrating the evil schemes of the second most famous criminal company ”Venganza” (Revenge in English), a weapon business company who help other evil company or regular villains to get all kind of weapons, items or even money. Years later, the company ”Venganza” appears in St. Canard city. Changing his name to Cole Ducktez, he travel to America where he’s stay to live and to fight to his worst enemy;  the freelance business villain woman Carmesi.

It’s rumored that between them there was something, that he denied to tell.

His alter ego get troubled by his hero ego sometimes: he can keep a work more than a month, as so the same thing abut to keep a relationship with woman… He’s always late. But even so, he’s optimist and never give up; he likes kicking criminals butt.