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Wire post by Rebarka Sterling

    Rebarka Sterling

    By Rebarka Sterling

    DOWN TO CLOWN?! Red Nova, resident heart breaker has kicked Negs to the curb and is now jingling some new bells. And I'm not talkin' Jolly old Saint Nick! Quackerjack and Red Nova have been reportedly "teaming up" in epic fashion. "But Barky" I hear you say reader. "Aren't they just doing criminal things?" Well inquisitive reader... I'll say. Yes what they are doing is criminal in most states and provinces. And what's worse is it seems they're trying to rope Quiverwing Duck in to their clown car too. RESIST DARLING QUIVERWING RESIST.

    More on Nova's Red Reign of Romance as it unravels. @EllieScapelli @thefanficfanpony