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Wire post by Rebarka Sterling

    Rebarka Sterling

    By Rebarka Sterling


    Oh my stars, listen up my little pupsicles! LOVE IS DEAD! You heard it here! Just hours after my stellar story of a villainous love affair the Sausage King himself has reportedly kicked his black magic woman into the volcano on which she lives for a younger feister firebrand... our very own RED NOVA. In a scandalous turn of events Nova has fallen for the bad boy toy head over greneade launcher. When asked by concerned citizens at her latest bank robbery why she'd shack up with that shotgun rack she reportedly got misty eyed and retold of how he wooed her. "Gosh it was so sweet. He just,wow, totally nailed it. He hand knitted a scarf that had 'will you go out with me?' knitted into it, and he even brought me butterscotch mint cupcakes to 'sweeten the deal'." Goodness gracious readers, who knew he was such a softy
    And while I can't condone the jumping from flower to flower from this busy little bee. I do wish them all the happiness of arson and armed robbery combined.

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