• Drake Mallard

      By Drake Mallard

      @Quacky "I DON'T HAVE FEELINGS FOR HIM?!" As his face turns red. "Argh. I hate you both."

      • Quackerjack

        By Quackerjack

        "Aww, it's so cute how you both are trying to hide your feelings!"

        • Drake Mallard

          By Drake Mallard

          "This would be a good time to test out the phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range SHUSH was working on."

          • Just Quackerjack

            By Just Quackerjack

            "Uh-uh-uh!" QJ giggled, (at least attempting to) grab QW and pull him back into the fray. "We haven't even gotten a good picture of you yet, silly!~"

            • Quiverwing Duck

              By Quiverwing Duck

              "That does it. I'm getting my stash of C-4."