Before you can register an account on Duckverse it is incredibly important you read through the rules. The list is a tad lengthy, but it keeps the site running smoothly and will also answer some of the questions you have about how Duckverse functions as a community.

Failure to abide by these rules could potentially result in your account being deleted and/or getting permanently banned from the website. 


Account Creation & Characters


 This is a roleplay site. No "real life" non-fictional accounts will be permitted.

  • No canon characters from outside the Disney Duckverse (i.e., DuckTales and Darkwing) are currently permitted unless special permission is given. The roleplay here is dedicated to this particular universe, so canon characters must be from these shows (or related comics and other media). If you're considering a canon but aren't sure if they'll fit in, by all means feel free to contact FearsomeFive@gmail.com to discuss it. 
  • Regarding original characters: Your OC can join, but they should be tailored to the Duckverse in some shape or form. This means their species, backstory, and abilities should be in-canon to the duckverse. If you're unsure whether your OC meets the criteria, please contact FearsomeFive@gmail.com and we can discuss it. 
  • Related to this, we do not permit human characters with the exception of pre-existing characters from the cartoon (e.g., Comet Guy, Ordinary Guy, etc). 
  • Fictional creatures from other franchises are not permitted (e.g., Pokemon, My Little Pony, etc). 


 Behavior & Content


Extreme Mature, R-rated roleplay is permitted , however, it must be done privately. You can achieve this either by roleplaying through the private messaging/chat function or you can create a group and set it as "invisible". If you require assistance creating an invisible group, please contact the administrator at FearsomeFive@gmail.com and I will assist you.

The definition of Mature, R-rated roleplay includes:

  1. Characters engaging in explicit sexual acts (including sex scenes).
  2. Excessive violence, gore, and other themes that are generally considered disturbing to other players (including sexual assault).  
  • If you are under the age of 21 we ask that you do not engage in Mature (explicit sex scenes) anywhere on the website. This includes invisible groups and other private areas of the website (private messaging, the chatroom function, etc).
  • Be courteous and respectful toward your fellow players.
  • Please keep drama to a minimum. Do not use the status feature to 'call out' another player or to make passive-aggressive OOC (out of character) announcements. If you are experiencing an issue with another player, please either speak to the person in question or contact the administrator to help you.
  • Please do not god-mode. In layman's terms this means overstepping the boundaries of what your character can and cannot do when interacting with other players.
    • An example would be: Your character throws a punch, and instead of giving the other player a choice to let it hit or deflect, you go ahead and narrate that the punch hits the other character. Or perhaps your character is all-powerful and they're able to solve every problem presented to them with ease. Your character should be relatively well-balanced, meaning they have both strengths and weaknesses: Specifically LEGIT weaknesses, not small weaknesses like personality quirks or tiny physical flaws.
  • That said, DO keep in mind that this is a cartoon universe and Toon Physics do apply when needed. If your character falls off a 26-story skyscraper, it would not be god-moding if they ended up as a pancake/crater on the sidewalk and then recovered enough to walk away. Basically: Any type of toon physics that happens in Darkwing Duck, can happen in the roleplay. However try not to abuse this fact if your character is interacting with/fighting another character. Keep it balanced!
  • There is no official set limit for how many photos you can upload, but do be respectful and try not to flood the site with thousands of images. Use your personal discretion when it comes to uploading files!

Permitted content:

  1. Please do not post Mature, R-rated (see the previous definition) artwork in public areas of the site.
  2. Artwork featuring underage characters in Mature, R-rated situations is not permitted anywhere on the website, including private groups.  

Canon Characters


Regarding multiples:

  • There is no rule against doubling up on characters here at DuckVerse - in other words, if a canon character you love is already represented, you are still welcome to roleplay (RP) them. That said, a diversity of characters is always a good thing!
  • Please note that if there are multiple canon characters, all players reserve the right to decide which canon character (if both) they would like to interact with.

If you are playing a canon character that is already a multiple, please try not to "piggy-back" off others playing the same character unless you are given permission by the player.

  1. The definition of "piggy-backing" essentially means that if someone playing the same canon character as you starts a particular story-line or event that affects their character, you shouldn't apply those same events to your version.
    • Example: Someone playing Negaduck decides that Negs has gained mutant super-powers (for whatever reason). Having your Negaduck use those super-powers would be piggy-backing. Unless you and the other canon player have arranged events beforehand, you should pretend your canon character does not exist in the same "universe" or timeline. 

Regarding head-canons:

  •  A 'head-canon' is defined by urbandictionary as a "particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual, and as such is adopted as a sort of personal canon."
  • Head-canons are permitted. In other words, if a player would like to expand on the background of their canon character they are more than allowed. However, please respect that not everyone will agree with your interpretation of the character. As such, other players reserve the right to not interact with your canon character (and you, as a canon, reserve the right to choose who you play with as well).

Fan Characters


 Connection to canon characters:

  • Creating a fan character who is tied to a canon character is absolutely welcome and requires no permission. HOWEVER, if you want to RP with someone playing the connected canon character, it is considered good manners to ask them first. This is mainly to prevent confusion when the person playing the canon character suddenly has a long lost wife/husband/daughter/sibling/etc pop up out of the blue. Or your fan character contradicts the canon player's current head-canon.
  • This is a very tricky grey area, because neither player has the right to impose their head-canon on the other. As such, cooperation is expected of all players to keep the roleplay fun and light-hearted. Remember: This is a cartoon universe which defies the laws of physics, and Darkwing Duck in particular was big on anti-continuity, You can always throw in an 'alternate dimension' angle to prevent character conflicts, or create some other deus ex machina to explain away the confusion.  

Connection to other fan characters:

  • How involved you get with another players' fan characters is completely up to you. If you decide to collaborate and create new characters together (for example, offspring of your fan characters) it is completely to your discretion as to who has ownership rights. 

Contacting the Administrator


  • If you are experiencing any issues or require assistance with the website (forgot your password, etc.) please contact the site administrator at FearsomeFive@gmail.com.