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    • Lilly Teal

      Comment on "If You Give a Bird a Bicky..."

      W-witch?! Not that there was anything wrong with being a witch, but she wasn't one, especially not around a panicky witch-hunter who had just shot his roommate with a sleepi...g to open the handle without turning around. "I'm not a witch...

      • GizmoDuck

        Comment on "Waddle Duck (Reserved RP)"

        "Se-Settle? What? I said this isn't a competition! I would be more than happy to you how t-to" It was hard to concentrate when the crowd started chanting "Fight. Fight. Fight." like a pack of rabid...

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        • Gladstone Gander

          Trouble Brewing

          There was something WRONG about this city. The one eyed witch sat scowling at her spellbook searching for answers. After her brief run...had abandoned her objective and retreated to the shadows. But she was a witch...

          • Mother Goose

            Luck, Stalk, and Two Smoking Barrels

            The witch sighed softly from atop her barstool, observing the crowd from behind a curtain of blonde hair. Her face...didn't. It just sweated onto the paper napkin, unchanged.   
 The witch...

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            • Puck Puddlebill


              Midnight Star vs. Torque. Drawn by FrothingLizard.

              • Agent Gemini

                Faustina @ Pirate AU

                Faustina and her sister used to run a small bakery in a port town. While...l herbs and was rumored to be a light witch. Her sister knew her way with...o;expose’ the sisters are being witches. The mercenaries were able...  Since then Faustina has been switch...


                • Kamkairo

                  What is a Shadowraith?

                  WHAT IS A SHADOWRAITH? (aka What are Malvolius and Thade?) A Shadowraith is an...ith them to create a more deadly, shadow-based form to gain the upper hand in a fight. (think ‘fusion&rs...

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                  • Queen Malicia of St. Canard

                    Roleplay Archives

                    A collection of saved RPs from the socialgo Duckverse site, compiled by Nemzit and...something very emotional and complicated. Negaduck's Finale - Negaduck picks a fight with Darkwing that, to say th...

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                    • Negaduck

                      RP: Coven Get It

                      Some time after The Portal Instruments. Thanks to help from Morgana and some new friends, Ariana Macawber escapes from the Negaverse. The gate is left open, however, as there is still one red caped mallard to put back in his place... Standard night in St Canard. A security guard bound in a bank ...

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